This week has been defined by Kanye Wests shift to the right.

A series of tweets from West preaching freedom of thought has sent media platforms into a frenzy. Because of his actions, the establishment media has made it their mission to put him through monumental amounts of heat.

In an effort to shut him up, Adidas is considering revoking his Yeezy sponsorship.

Effective, Right?

That ought to overpower the fundamental want for free speech. West is utilizing his platform to voice issues that have come to his attention as of late. One issue in particular is the violence in his hometown of Chicago. Obamas presidency failed to lower the crime in this city, and West is displeased.

Interestingly enough, Kanyes rants reflect the rising approval numbers Trump has with the black community. Black employment is at an all time low, paychecks are bigger and people are noticing that the Left is taking their primary voting base for granted. But no more. Kanye is only one person in the break from the Democratic party, but his celebrity status makes it a a reality for the country.

While figures attempt to silence and support him, Wests turn away from Hollywood has caught the attention of everyone to see what tweet he will send out next.

It is now a matter of who will win this battle: Kanye or The Left?

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