With the upcoming presentation of the Golden Radioing, no more distinction will be made between the best male and female presenter, but not everyone is in favor of that. Among others, Qmusic-DJ Marieke Elsinga is afraid that women will be nominated much less.

Previously, during the Radiogala, the Zilveren Radioster was awarded for both the best male and the best female presenter. In the coming edition there is only one prize, the award for best presenter.

Radio And Television Presenter

The radio and television presenter, who himself won the silver radio a woman three times as the best female DJ, expressed her concerns about the change in the Golden Radioing regulations on Friday in RTL Boulevard. “The radio world is very much a man’s world,” says Elsinga. “Now that this price is thrown in one hope, it is much more difficult for women to be nominated. Perhaps no women will be nominated at all because there are so many men in the radio world. ”

Elsinga believes it is important that people also see women win. When she started at the radio, it was inspiring for her to see someone like Claudia de Breij or Annemieke Schollaardt win a radio prize. “And I am afraid that we will hardly see any more women by combining that price.”

The public prizes for the radio will be awarded on January 26 at the radio-gala. In addition to the RadioSter for Best Presenter, the Golden Radioing and a prize for Best Podcast are also awarded.

This article is originally published on telegraaf.nl