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Ukraine says Russia will see new sanctions as ‘permission to attack’ amid warnings of...

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said new sanctions by the west against Russia do not go far enough and will be seen by invading forces as...

Ukraine will not respond to provocations, Zelensky says

Ukraine's president has said his nation will not respond to provocations amid a deadly escalation in fighting in rebel Russian-backed eastern territories. But Volodymyr Zelensky...

Russia has enough troops ready to take Kyiv, says former Ukraine defence chief

Russia has enough troops in place to seize Kyiv or another Ukrainian city but not yet sufficient numbers for a full takeover and occupation...

Attacks in France and Austria: Europe’s response to extremism

Issued on: 13/11/2020 – 17:40Modified: 13/11/2020 – 17:42 TALKING EUROPE © FRANCE 24 This Friday..

Covid-19: ‘There is no choice between lives and livelihoods,’ OECD chief Gurría says

Issued on: 13/11/2020 – 17:26 As European countries move into their second Covid-19 lockdowns of t..

Brexit architect Dominic Cummings steps down as PM Johnson’s top advisor

Issued on: 13/11/2020 – 20:06 Dominic Cummings, the controversial brains behind the 2016 campaign ..

As schools shut across the US, Europe made it a mission to keep them...

But as he announced the new restrictions, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Micheál Martin emphasized that ..

Italy extends ‘red zones’ as number of Covid-19 cases hits new record

Issued on: 14/11/2020 – 07:04Modified: 14/11/2020 – 07:06 Restrictions aimed at slowing a surge in..

German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments

The head of the German navy has resigned over controversial comments he made over Ukraine. Kay-Achim Schönbach said the idea that Russia wanted to invade...

Inflation continues to rise, hits 6.4% in December, Eurostat says

Inflation went up again to 6.4% in December when calculated according to European methods, EU statistics agency Eurostat said on Friday in its preliminary...

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