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Hospitalized coronavirus patients lowest since March 6; ICU patient number flatlines

The number of coronavirus patients in hospitals dropped by 17 percent this week, bringing the patient total to the lowest it has been since...

Dutch tie up 14 yachts at shipyards as hunt for Russian assets continues

Customs officials have placed 14 yachts at five Dutch shipyards which are being built or repaired for wealthy Russians under ‘extra supervision’, finance minister...

Storm damage clean-up begins as winds die down

Damage from Storm Eunice is being cleared from the roads, after Friday’s winds scattered them with traffic signs, branches and trees. Rijkswaterstaat advises drivers...

Police and anti-coronavirus protestors demonstrate in Rotterdam

Several dozen police officers accompanied by police cars and vans took part in a protest march in Rotterdam on Sunday, calling on the government...

Calls for culture and hospitality to reopen in long-term Covid approach

Pressure is increasing on the Dutch government to open cultural institutions and bars and restaurants, following a national ‘hairdresser theatre’ protest on Wednesday. Junior...

Kaag to be sworn in virtually after positive coronavirus test

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in the fourth Rutte Cabinet Sigrid Kaag will have to digitally attend her inauguration by King Willem-Alexander...

“Very serious” that kids were taken from their homes in benefits scandal, Dutch PM...

The fact that hundreds of children in the childcare allowance scandal were placed out of their parents' homes is "very serious." We "have to...

Positive coronavirus tests rise 48% in a week, autumn rise is underway

The number of positive coronavirus tests in the Netherlands has gone up 48% in the past week, hitting nearly 18,000, public health institute RIVM...

More than 27,000 people died of coronavirus in first year, CBS confirms

Covid-19 deaths in February were around 40% lower than in January, according to the latest assessment by statistics agency CBS. Death certificates showed 2,448...

Dutch museum pilot opening scheme runs into trouble in first week

Dutch pilot testing to allow access to museums and cultural events has run into problems in its first week after up to 150 people...

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