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Games Inbox: Have you played PUBG on mobile?
PUBG is now mobile

The evening Inbox is unconvinced that Kratos has really changed, as one reader reveals how many hundreds of hours he’s spent on Monster Hunter.

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PUBG portable

Just want to say how good a job Tencent have done with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile. I downloaded it yesterday and after getting used to the slightly fiddly controls (I’m still finding myself accidentally shooting when trying to look round) I came second in my first solo and got a chicken dinner in my second.

I plugged in my Turtle Beach for a duo with a friend and managed to come second in two games with him too. The sounds in-game are exactly like Xbox and PC.

Also surprised with how well it runs. I have an iPhone 6S Plus and set it to the highest graphics and it’s so smooth – better than on the Xbox, even! This is helped by the fact they’ve changed buildings to have less rooms, which paired with the fact the game picks up items for you makes for easy looting.

Either way I’m happy with how it works, although it does drain battery quickly and turns your phone into a radiator.

GC: A high-end phone is more expensive than any console, so it should be no wonder they’re graphically powerful.

Fan may cry

I was really looking forward to the Devil May Cry remasters, not so much for the games themselves – I have multiple versions of them already – but that it would be a stepping stone to a brand new game. I didn’t realise they were ‘remasters of remasters’ though and now I’m afraid it was just a quick cash grab.

They did remaster Devil May Cry 4 as well, which holds out some hope, but I’m worried that the success of Monster Hunter: World means that Capcom are going to be less interested in their other old franchises now.

My hope is that it would encourage them to expand the old games, because it proves one can be a hit after a long time in the shadows, but I don’t think that’s how the corporate mind works. Take the easy option always seems to be the answer, and double down on it. But surely I’m not the only one that would like to see a Devil May Cry 5?

Old dog, new tricks

Interesting to see the fans of God Of War saying they are okay with the new game, I would’ve thought they were against the complete change in both gameplay and character. If Kratos has changed that is. Personally I’m very wary of the new one as I hate the character and stopped playing the series because I found him so awful.

I don’t want to play as a villain that kills people for no reason, not even Trevor is as bad as Kratos and at least no one pretends Trevor is anything other than a crazy psycho.

If Sony do manage to turn the character into something more interesting though that will be quite impressive. But somehow I think they’ll be too worried about not upsetting their existing fans and he’ll turn to his old ways before the game is over.


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Retired gamer

In response to Gastronaut I’d agree it is sad if people turn their nose up at a game for the simple reason that it’s an indie title.

I would never refuse to play a game because it hadn’t cost millions to make and didn’t have cutting edge graphics. I play games for entertainment, so if something is highly-rated then I’ll give it a go. My problem, however, comes down to time. With work, life and family I’m lucky if I get an hour or so of gaming a night, and maybe a few hours on a weekend, so gaming time is at a premium. Because of this I’m quite selective of the games I play.

I recently played Superhot and was hugely impressed with the gameplay even if the story was a bit meh and would love to play more indie titles. At present my indie list of games to get includes Undertale, What Remains Of Edith Finch, The Sexy Brutale, Inside, Furi, and Life Is Strange. Where I’ll get the time to play these I don’t know, but are there any other indie titles that come highly recommended?

As a side thought, are there any retired gamers who read the Inbox? I’m in no rush to get to the age of 67 but the thought of being retired and enjoying gaming seems fantastic. Wake up and do a few chores, then you’ve got the majority of the day, when you would usually be at work, to play games. Seems like a happy existence to me.

GC: Many others, but that seems a good selection to start with. Although Life Is Strange is borderline not-indie.

Portable fit

In response to the letter about ‘real’ games and indies… I can see why somebody may think that, not really because Microsoft and Sony give them away as filler but just that, well, they are usually short and sharp pick up and play experiences and much less immersive. Especially the older indies we’re seeing ported to the Switch at the mo’.

I remember picking up Olli Olli, Hotline Miami, and Child Of Light back in the day on PlayStation 3 and found playing them on the big screen quite odd after coming from say, a Last Of Us or Dark Souls session..

It wasn’t until I picked up a PS Vita years later that I really appreciated them. The well-honed gameplay experience and pick up and play nature is a really good fit for portable (Spelunky on Vita is genius). Indie studios used to point out how good the Vita sales were, I remember the Limbo guys saying they sold more digital copies on Vita than PlayStation 4… we’re seeing the same now with the Switch because the fit is just so much better.

Cosmetic only

As I stated in my initial email there absolutely is player progression, in the form of reputation, promotions, and mission unlocks. The incentives are clear. Several hours in that aspiration to earn legendary status is tantalising and unlike other games of a similar ilk, it’s a game about fun as opposed to feeling like a job. The fact I can leave the game and return and not feel penalised or at a disadvantage is refreshing and should be lauded, not deemed a negative.

There are also plenty of items to spend your money on, whether it’s for your ship or your character. GC’s annoyance that these items are only cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay in any meaningful way I wholeheartedly disagree with. Rare has refused to conform, not reliant upon stat boosts to weapons and the like to maintain player engagement. The motivation to keep playing is there, it’s whether Rare can add sufficient mission variety longer term which remains to be seen.

It is the emergent gameplay which stands out most, and how creative a team of players are has a huge bearing on the experience. Becoming side-tracked is currently my biggest problem, because building your own adventures is at the heart of the game.

GC: You seem to be taking this awfully personally. We weren’t annoyed at the lack of upgrades, just concerned that might impact the longevity. Especially as we have little interest in cosmetic changes.

Days away

As we are less than a week away from the release of Far Cry 5 (unless I have missed something), I was wondering if you know yet when you will be reviewing the game?

I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and 4 but would rather wait until your review before purchasing number 5.
Ron Obvious

GC: The review embargo is Monday, so hopefully we’ll have it ready for then.


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Fame at last

I’m glad to see that there is still so much talk about Monster Hunter: World, especially as prior to that Monster Hunter was a relativity niche game in the West. As someone who played it since it first came out on PlayStation 2 (2007 or was it 2008?) I’m glad Capcom finally made it big and may lead to another game being released (or maybe an expansion to add G rank).

I saw recently though, the talk concerning solo vs. multiplayer and I have to say if it were the prior games I would have recommended multiplayer all the way because I think back then people who played were kinda hardcore and knew what they signed up for (I played all Western released games but it wasn’t until Wii/Wii U and 3DS that I really sank hours into it, 600 hours on Wii/U and close to 300 on DS and as of writing 289 hours for Monster Hunter: World).

Now though, for Monster Hunter: World, I say, as mentioned before, it’s up to preference but for me it has been 50/50 as I find that there are a lot of new players. Nothing wrong with that but what I find most ironic is that this is the Monster Hunter game that I’ve seen people communicate the least and that sometimes makes it hard during hunts, especially if you want to target a particular mob or use of items. But that’s part of the online experience.

But ultimately I’m very pleased with the way the game has turned out as I think they streamedlined a lot of the mechanics and menu options, etc. and with the spring update on 22nd I look forward to spending more time on it. And with mention of more free monster DLC I am over the moon.

Keep up the good work GC!
Lucratcia (PSN ID)

GC: The first Monster Hunter was released in 2004 in Japan and 2005 in Europe.

Inbox also-rans

With the C64 mini out next Thursday will you be reviewing it? I’ve not seen it mentioned at all amongst the pages of the holy gaming mag of GameCentral so I hope you do a feature to open up young gamers and old to this remold of a piece of gaming history.
Gaz H

GC: We did a piece on it when it was announced. But we have a review unit on its way, so should hopefully be able to review it next week.

I’m glad I listen to the Inbox about sticking with it when it comes to Bloodborne, because I’m pretty sure I would’ve given up in disgust half an hour in otherwise. I am enjoying it more now, but still can’t beat Father Gascoigne.

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How interested are you in retro gaming and what benefits, if any, do you feel there are in owning the original console itself – instead of a replica or just an emulation of its games?

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