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Exploring The Evolution Of Latin America And The US

As long as this region doesn't take inequality seriously, we will never find capitalist redemption. Today it seems unthinkable, but in the middle of the...

Princess Amalia Body Shamed During Caribbean Visit

On her first official trip with her parents, Kings Willem-Alexander and Máxima, the Princess of Orange received criticism on social networks for her physical...

Aerodrome Firefighters’ Talks With Gov’t End Abruptly

Imminent strike threat. Negotiations between the FRAAP trade union organizations and the government failed on Tuesday. They had an appointment at 2 p.m. at...

Cosmopolitan Corsairs In Burgundian Netherlands

The freedom of the seas (Mare Liberum) was born in distant Europe when Grotius, father of international law, advocated this concept to free the...

Milan Cathedral Gargoyle Found By Carabinieri

The seized gargoyle depicts a winged dragon, belonging to the monumental complex of the Cathedral, a piece that fell from one of the spiers...

Melendi’s New Musical Journey: A Gift From A Friend

Melendi continues to warm up his engines to celebrate his 20-year musical career in style. The artist announced it a few weeks ago, coinciding...

Pensions After 70: Who Benefits From Reform

Retired at 70: the INPS simulator predicts it for today's thirty-year-olds, while Holland asks Italy to save on social security. How will the Calderone...

Canadian’s Front Line Experience In Ukraine News

Sitting in an apartment north of Toronto, Adam Oake calmly explains how he's had to adjust his mind's reaction to the sound of sudden...

Monday: Lowest Coronavirus Cases In 12 Weeks

Additional cases of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) today fell to their lowest level for a Monday in 12 weeks as the government continues to...

USSR Invades Finland: A Historical Overview

It happens to rearrange old books and pick up one that seems anything but interesting. Then you see Indro Montanelli's signature and you realize...

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