Melendi continues to warm up his engines to celebrate his 20-year musical career in style. The artist announced it a few weeks ago, coinciding with the premiere of this year 2023, making it clear that he would be full of surprises and great moments to live together. At the moment, we only know that there will be a tour called ‘Milindri 2.0’, alluding to that nickname he used in one of his most mythical songs and with which many know him and refer to him.

Something that will come when the previous stage that is open with ‘Likes and scars’ closes, a tour with which two dates are open in Miami in February and March, so until then we will have to wait to discover all the news that awaits us. on this very special 20th anniversary. And this gift gives some clues about what is to come, in addition to his mysterious trip to Amsterdam a few days ago, which generated great expectations among his fans.

The Most Special Gift That Melendi Has Received

“Gifts from the people who know me well and the one I love!!! Let’s get to work !!!!! ”, Melendi has written next to this photograph in which he appears with the vest that they have just given him. A vest in which from behind you can see a photo of him together with his friend dressed in sportswear and with a very revealing phrase: “Milindri Reforms. Works yes, joints no”. A few words in which he once again refers to that nickname that gives his tour its name and the one he mentioned in his song ‘Walking through life’.

And as for the joints, referring to that first stage and that song ‘No news from Holland’, where he has traveled these days to visit Amsterdam. All this with a sweatshirt in which a phrase referring to this same topic also appeared: “Mom, I swear it’s oregano” and that also gave a lot of play to his fans. And it is that there are many who miss that Melendi from his beginnings, more crazy and carefree in his songs, those that he will now recover for this new tour that we hope to hear from very soon.

This is How Melendi Announced His Return

“20 years listening to comments like ‘El Milindri is no longer cool’, ‘Please smoke joints again’, ‘make songs from the old days, which are so cool for us’ and ‘stop so much love once and for all'”, he was told. He listens to say in the video that he shared a few days ago. “How am I going to spend it with Milindri 2.0!!! The party is back!!!”, could be read in a photograph that he shared in his Instagram stories. A message with him who did not want to give many details about this tour but with which he promised many surprises for which we have already activated the countdown.

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