Imminent strike threat. Negotiations between the FRAAP trade union organizations and the government failed on Tuesday. They had an appointment at 2 p.m. at the Presidency to try to find common ground and avoid a new strike. But the meeting was quickly cut short after heated exchanges.

Unions Have Asked The Director

The unions have asked the director of civil aviation to leave the negotiations, denouncing his incompetence. In question, according to them, the joint joint commission of which he is a part and which is supposed to settle the various points of claims has met only once since the end of the conflict last October. “January 15, deadline, we could have already blocked, on the 24th I write a letter, we wait, nothing. It’s all the demands that should be… they didn’t work, they didn’t nothing screwed up!”, says Gérard Barff, union representative of the 150 firefighters from the 43 aerodromes concerned.

Clearly, nothing has been done according to them. Another point of claim: the 20% of the hardship premiums.

For his part, the country’s vice-president, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, in charge of inter-island transport, first considers that things have been done, then deplores that the trade unionists present chose to leave the discussion table after asking as a condition the departure of the director of the DAC.

But above all he believes that on the new point of claim is not fair.

Exasperated, the vice-president does not hesitate to give some examples of the salary of aerodrome firefighters. “Do you know how much a firefighter instructor earns? 780,000 cfp per month! Do you know how much a firefighter who is at the lowest earns? 450,000 cfp, the one who starts. I find that all the upgrading made since 2017… come back today today by asking for salary increases, for the population we are not going to do it”, protests Jean-Christophe Bouissou.

Following this failure, each party seems to camp on its positions. Trade unionists believe that the ball is now in the government’s court, as for the country, it is waiting for them to return to the negotiating table. If nothing is unblocked, the strike will be effective Friday February 3, opening day of the tourism fair.

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