On her first official trip with her parents, Kings Willem-Alexander and Máxima, the Princess of Orange received criticism on social networks for her physical appearance.

Princess Amalia is on her first official trip accompanying her parents, the Kings of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander and Máxima Zorreguieta, in the Dutch Caribbean. However, her first official trip abroad as Princess of Orange was echoed by the criticism she received for her physique.

As usual for the 19-year-old, users of social networks made negative comments due to her weight. “Her great figure of hers goes well with the locals. Amalia should perhaps stay there, she would not be so noticeable with her body,” one of the messages can be read. They also attacked her along with her father, alluding that both “her father and her daughter should think about her health, (she is) too big.”

Another point of comparison was with his mother. “What a shame for such a young girl that her mother is a thousand times prettier than her,” wrote a user of the networks, contributing to the body shaming campaign suffered by the Princess of Orange.

Body shaming is a practice in which someone is ridiculed because of their physical appearance. In this sense, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines weight bias as “negative attitudes and beliefs about others due to their weight. These negative attitudes are manifested in stereotypes and/or prejudices towards people who are overweight and obese “.

Although it is not the first time that the heir to the throne has received criticism for her body (for example, in January 2021 in a Dutch television program a comedian dressed up as her emphasizing her weight), Dutch journalists considered that, during her first official tour abroad, “her insecure body language shows that she is aware of the nasty comments about her weight.”

A “Shy” Attitude: Amalia’s Behavior During The Trip

The journalist specialized in royalty Wim Dehandschutter referred to her behavior “quite shy” of her on the first official visit of the Princess of Orange.

“She’s active on social media, so she can read all the comments if she wants, and she will. She was also quite shy during activities in the Caribbean, constantly wearing sunglasses. All those comments will surely reach her,” explained in dialogue with PROFILE.

Added to this, he claimed that the princess “hid half of her body behind her mother.” In this regard, he explained that this behavior may be due to the stress of her debut as a princess abroad. “It’s her first official trip out of the country and to an important destination: the former colonies of the Netherlands, a part of the Dutch kingdom of which she will one day be queen.” And he added: “It’s important, all her eyes are on Amalia. I can imagine that this causes her stress.”

However, he did not rule out that criticism of his figure has been involved in his attitude. “Another part of her behavior is probably related to body shaming,” she stated.

He also explained that Amalia had other gestures that reflected her shyness. “Colleagues who flew to the Caribbean to follow her noticed that the constant cameras make her too self-conscious about her appearance, so she doesn’t move naturally or spontaneously yet,” she said.

In that line, he added that the young woman “hides behind her loose locks of her long blonde hair” and that “sometimes she stands behind her mother”, in what she described as a “clever optical trick”. Despite her behavior and the criticism she received of her, Dehandschutter maintained that “Amalia seems like she’s doing pretty well on her first trip.”

“She could do a few smarter things to have fewer worries. She may even ‘own’ her height and physical presence a lot more and thus wear it with pride. There’s still room for growth. After all, a flawless appearance is a fixed value.” in which the ladies of royalty distinguish themselves”, he concluded.

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