Amazon is still working on a mobile home robot, according to a report from Bloombergs Mark Gurman. Its also planning to add a high-end Echo to its lineup of Alexa devices.

We first heard about Amazons plans to build a wheeled home robot in April last year. The project is reportedly codenamed “Vesta” (after the Roman goddess of the hearth), and rumors suggest its a sort of “mobile Alexa” thats able to follow users around their homes.

Todays report doesnt add significantly to this picture, but it seems Amazon is still keen to build the mobile device. It was apparently slated to launch this year but wasnt ready for mass-production. Engineers have reportedly been pulled from other projects to work on Vesta, and Gurman reports that prototypes are “waist-high and navigate with the help of an array of computer-vision cameras.” They can also be summoned using voice commands.

This (admittedly vague) description is actually pretty close to some existing products. A startup named Temi sells a “personal robot” with similar functionality, for example. Temi the robot is waist-high, has a built-in screen for displaying information, and can be controlled using Alexa. With a starting price of $1,999, though, its not really targeted at consumers, but more at companies that want to use the bot as a guide in their shops and offices.

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Along with its mystery robot, Amazon is also reportedly working on a high-end Echo device thats


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