Taylor Swift may be known for burning her former lovers in chart topping pop ballads, but not everybodys sold on her schtick.

“Captain America” actor Sebastian Stan appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday night and revealed to host Andy Cohen that he was actually pretty concerned for Tom Hiddleston when he was dating Taylor Swift.

Stan said he watched Hiddleston, 37, slowly spiral as he chased Taylor Swift, 28, around the globe.

“It was one of awe and extreme concern, obsession and yet at the same time,” he said of the relationship, “I dont know, I was really worried, mainly for him.”

I cant possibly imagine what was concerning or obsessive about the relationship. Its not like Taylor Swift catapulted herself into Hiddlestons arms immediately after pulverizing Calvin Harriss into a million tiny pieces. Its not like Tom Hiddleston openly wore an “I heart T.S.” wife beater on the beach and in the OCEAN while they were dating. Anybody who wears a shirt in the ocean – especially a white one – is mentally unwell and should be immediately taken into a psychiatrists office for further examination.

Tom Hiddleston spotted wearing a shirt that says: “I love T.S. (Taylor Swift)”

— HiddleSwift (@HiddleSwiftAF) July 4, 2016

Im not usually one to comment on another couple but there were so many red flags about this relationship it was hard to ignore. I find Taylor Swift to be annoying for a variety of reasons but this kind of crosses the line for me. Poor Tom Hiddleston was minding his own business until she swooped in one day, romanced him for a few months, and then went on her merry way to play another dude like a fiddle. I would have been concerned for Tom Hiddleston if I were his friend too.

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