In our hectic world of incessant social media attention, I have something for you to break up all that chatter. While perusing my Instagram I stumbled upon this calming account.

The account “dogseatinggently” has successfully tamed the social media world by posting videos of exactly what it sounds like… dogs eating gently.

Sound appealing? I was also a major skeptic. But it could be a great alternative to a daily meditation practice if you just havent got that kind of time. (RELATED: Looking At Porn Can Make You Less Stressed)

The posts range from dogs eating ice cream, to dogs eating dog treats, to dogs eating potato chips. A few even eat off utensils. Cute dogs and food… what more could you be looking for?

This account is providing the break that we all need from the posturing and positioning of curating the perfect social media profile. Skip the therapist and save yourself some money. Check it out and take advantage of some rest and relaxation sponsored by mans best friend. Because really, who doesnt love animals? (RELATED: Colleges Recruit Therapy Llamas To Comfort Stressed Students)

Check these highlights out or head over to Instagram if youre intrigued.

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