Two Point Hospital - no longer PC-only

Two Point Hospital – no longer PC-only

Segas much-loved tribute to Theme Hospital will be checking in on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch later this year.

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Sega has announced a new console game, and its nothing to do with Sonic The Hedgehog! Instead, its a console version of their comedy management sim Two Point Hospital.

The PC version was released last autumn and the console versions will include all the same features, plus everything thats been added in updates since then – such as an interior designer and character customisation.

Youll also get the expansions Bigfoot and Pebberley Island thrown in too, which add snowy and tropical backdrops and all their associated (fictional) diseases.

Theres no specific release date for the game, but itll be out late this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch.



The developer is British team Two Point Studios, which employs many that worked on the original Theme Hospital at now defunct developer Bullfrog.

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