As "Joker," the controversial R-rated movie about the origins of the Batman villain, continues to see massive success at the box office, "Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the film by giving us a preview of the origin story of another fictional character: Oscar the Grouch."From the studio that brought you 'Joker,' and the twisted minds at Sesame Workshop, comes the next gritty, antihero origin story," the trailer for "Grouch" begins.Oscar, played by David Harbour, is a disgruntled — nay, grouchy — garbage worker in the neighborhood of Sesame Street, which has become a haven for crime and corruption. Basically, everything is not A-OK.Ernie gets stabbed in an alleyway after he refuses to hand over his rubber ducky. The Count seems to have an opioid addiction. Cookie Monster is homeless. Elmo gRead More – Source