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Games Inbox: Should Dark Souls Remastered have an easy mode?
Dark Souls – would you play it on easy?

The morning Inbox asks why January is so bad for new game releases, as more readers nominate their favourite Street Fighter characters.

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Git easy

I’m going to open myself up to so much abuse here, but would it really be such a bad idea for Dark Souls Remastered to have an easy mode option? I’m not saying this because it’s going to be on the Switch or anything (which I don’t have), but just because I’ve tried it and some of the other games and just could not get anywhere with them.

I love the look of the games and the ideas behind them but I am just not good enough to play them. Maybe if I spent weeks and weeks practising but I don’t have that time, so I’m basically stuck in the position where I cannot play it and cannot experience what is apparently one of the best games of all time.

If you didn’t change the normal mode at all in anyway, and easy mode was portrayed as a last resort, would that really affect anything negatively? You can put a dunce cap on my character for all I care, I just want the chance to play the game and haven’t got the time or ability to ‘git gud’. So really, why are fans so against the idea?

Winter wilderness

January is such a weird time for video games. We’re three weeks in now and basically absolutely nothing has happened. GC has put up a valiant effort trying to find enough to talk about but it seems like a lot of websites are as half asleep as the rest of games industry. But I don’t understand why. It’s freezing and dark outside, and pretty much the perfect weather to be sat indoors playing video games. But there aren’t any new ones, not even indie games!

I guess the logic is that people are still playing whatever they got at Christmas, but considering most big name games are out before the end of November that seems a bit of a stretch. In previous years maybe they were factoring in the January sales as well, but we all know that they’re far less important now than Black Friday.

So where are all the games? Monster Hunter: World is out next week, and I see a few other Japanese games, like that Dragon Ball fighting game, but it is pretty barren. And yet they’ll all start coming out again when it gets near Easter… just when the weather starts getting better and the clocks go back. It’s been like this forever, I know, but it just makes no sense!

Rebuilding the brand

I’m seeing rumours of Lego Invincibles 2 game and a DC Supervillains games as the next Lego games, which seems pretty believable. I had a lot of fun with Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 over Christmas with my kids and now that they’ve stopped coming out so often I’ve gone back to looking forward to them again.

If it was Marvel last year then that does means it’s the ‘turn’ of DC, although I can’t help but laugh at how they still can’t quite bring themselves to make it a DC Universe game. It’s not Batman any more, at least, but now it’s focused on the villains at least. Although I can’t wait to hear the digs the game will make about Steppenwolf and Justice League.

Is it me though but did Marvel Super Heroes 2 not seem to do that well? I think maybe the overkill with Lego Dimensions might have poisoned the well a bit, which would be a shame as they’re still really great games to play with kids/non-gamers in co-op.

GC: It doesn’t seem to have ever charted very highly, but it’s still in the top 20 so it’s probably selling at a low but consistent level.

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Virtual game show

Just wanted to say how good Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is with friends. Great learning curve. As the PlayStation 4 can only use one VR headset this game mechanic makes everyone feel included. A lot of fun whilst still being challenging.

I think this would work great for a Crystal Maze game. Each game would need to have a puzzle element so information would have to be hidden from the person playing VR. Then clues would be put on the screen for everyone else to guide the VR player. A fun idea could be the VR player is put in a house of mirrors maze. The other players world have a plan view to guide him/her to the exit. Firstly, is there any word of such a game. And what are GC’s and everyone’s thoughts? What games would everyone create?

GC: It’s a nice idea but we don’t think Crystal Maze is popular anywhere else in the world, so even if it did get made it’d be ultra-low budget.

Childhood revenge

Back in the day, 1992 or the like, when I used to spend my dinner money down the local cafe on Street Fighter II instead of chips ‘n’ beans, Ryu was the only option… Hadoukenhadoukenhadoukenhadouken… HADOUKEN! Shoryukens were bloomin’ hard to do back then! Even though there was a manchild (late teens/early 20s) who used to periodically whoop our asses with Balrog… ruddy Balrog!

Nowadays I can mostly use everyone ‘cept Hakan, Makoto, Cody, and Seth. I can use Sakura, but I’m not an old Japanese businessman, so ya know! But my all-time go to guy now is… Balrog. I know, if arcades were still around maybe I would be that manchild hanging around beating children with my Balrog!
big boy bent (gamertag)

Personal preference

I found it interesting that the Square Enix exec you talked to actually offered up the Switch himself, as an example of how single-player games could thrive in the future. To me the success of the Switch has been down to the fact that it emphasises the styles of games I am into (single-player and split-screen) and deemphasises the one I’m not (online multiplayer).

Now, I realise it’s just personal preference but I wonder how much that’s true for other people? I get the feeling there are a lot that are frustrated and bored by multiplayer games and loot boxes and all the other modern trappings of EA and Activision games, and the Switch has, partially by accident, provided a way to just cut all that out.

I think at this point I’d rather it didn’t have any more third party support, if that mean keeping out those styles of games which I worry are going to ruin gaming.

Celebrity review

Very interesting to read about Two Point Hospital, I used to love playing Theme Hospital and Theme Park back in the day on the PlayStation.

It looks like a lot of lighthearted fun (they can use that as an illness for free), and it inspires confidence that members of the original development team for Theme Hospital are behind it.

Great to see they have got Sega on board, hopefully this does well enough so they then bring out console versions. I’m not a PC gamer and would buy it, but not until it hits consoles.

Maybe Jeremy Hunt could write in with a reader review once he gets his copy of the game.

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Another Dawn

Over Christmas I was gifted Until Dawn for the PlayStation 4. It didn’t take long to beat and I felt you guys were just a teensie weensie bit harsh on it. Of course, I didn’t pay money for it. And had I have paid more than a penny over £30 for it I would have felt ripped off. And considering the budget this must’ve had I don’t imagine that a mid-price tier for it was ever an option.

But hey, it was enjoyable in a disposable sort of way, much like the teen slashers it’s based upon. And while I will go back to it, I think you’re right: the game overestimates how enthralling a prospect that is going to be. I will only do so because I am a massive Trophy hound. Though I will enjoy getting Emily killed. Man, I hated Emily…

I liked Hayden Cream Eclair as Sam. I made everybody behave like decent human beings for the most part – as much as I could. Never trusted Michael. Thought every word he said was insincere, because he’s Ward from Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Then again, he did befriend a wolf.

Bloody hell, the story takes quite a nasty-tragic turn doesn’t it? Saw it coming halfway through, of course, not that that really matters. But it’s up there with what Umbrella did to the Trevor family in the first Resident Evil. But in the end, I survived… Until Dawn! Which was nice.
PS: Finally, what’s the favourite band of the monster in Until Dawn? Wham! Why? Because of Wake Me Up, Wendigo-go. What? Me coat? Oh yes, I’ll just fetch that…

Inbox also-rans

I’m going to a Dear Esther concert at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday, I’ll try to write about how it went.
Pau1scott (gamertag)

GC: That would be great, we look forward to it.

Chun-Li is clearly the best Street Fighter character. The first lady of gaming and cool enough that even as a self-conscious teen I was perfectly happy to play as her.

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