The Easter Collection, Pierre Marcolini

£135,, 8/10

Though its by far the priciest ovum, its also the one youll still be eating in May. Accompanied by an army of pralines, its available at the Marylebone boutique and the counters at Harrods and Selfridges.

• “Dark, layered, classy”

• “Nice, but not all its cracked up to be. All fur coat and no knickers”

• “Smells divine. Very good”

Hand-decorated milk chocolate Easter Egg, Fortnum & Mason

£39.95,, 6/10

Confectioners lovingly hand-craft these sugared florals, then fill the egg with handmade chocolatey shapes.

• “Perfectly pleasant but doesnt rock the boat”

• “Very smooth”

• “Light, classic, inoffensive”

Belgian Milk & Dark Chocolate Egg, M&S

£20,, 7/10

A real crowd pleaser this egg, with dark chocolate layered upon milk. Comes with an accompaniment of golden dulce de leche truffles..

• “The pointy chocolate stalactites make it look like this egg is moving very quickly”

• “The gold came off on my hands. I look like the lady from Gold Finger”

The Half Egg, Paul A Young

£25,, 7/10

Half dipped in crunchy hundreds and thousands, rainbow textured egg is made using American Guittard chocolate and is filled with salted caramels.

• “Im a big fan of the balls”

• “Looks nicer than it tastes”

• “Rich, but not sickly. Best of the bunch”

Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg, Prestat

£17.50,, 6/10

The glistening gold reveals an egg lined with pink chocolate thats fizzing with hidden lumps of popping candy, filled with mini, pink prosecco truffles.

• “The prosecco flavouring taste like strawberry ice cream”

• “Tastes like soap to me”

• “Popping candy is a great mix with the dark chocolate”

Artisan Easter Egg, The Chocolate Society

£30,, 5/10

Produced from a factory in the Somerset countryside, every one of these hand-painted, milk chocolate eggs is a unique creation.

• “Fresian fantastic”

• “Excellent quality, but impossible to break into”

• “Very milky, which suits the cow theme, but quite sickly, too”

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