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PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds - coming soon to PS4?

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds – coming soon to PS4?

It looks like PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is going to be available on PS4 next month, as the game plans its first esports season.

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PlayStation 4 owners could soon be tucking into a hearty chicken dinner, or perhaps turkey given the rumoured release date of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds.

PUBG has only ever been a timed exclusive, so it was always coming to Sonys console at some point, especially after it was outed by the South Korean ratings board.

But now fans on PSNProfiles have found promotional images on Sonys own servers, while a poster on ResetEra, who works for analyst group Niko Partners, claims that it is definitely coming out in December.

The only question seems to be what date specifically and whether the game will be the equivalent of early access when it starts or if itll just skip the beta stage entirely.



Thats not the only reason PUBG is in the news today though, as Microsoft has been tweeting about their X018 event at the weekend.

Its been so long since Microsoft hosted a proper fan event its hard to say what theyll actually announce but the tweet below promises big news for PUBG, as well as The Forge expansion for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and new State Of Decay 2 updates.

Whether therell be anything more unexpected (some rumours suggest Warner Bros. might use the event to unveil a new Batman game) is unclear, but it does seem worth tuning into.

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And finally, in terms of PUBG, the games inaugural esports season has been announced for this January. Itll feature three phases, with the third one ending with a Global Championship featuring a $2 million prize pool.

Ever since Fortnite hit the big time many have assumed that interest in rival PUBG has fallen away, but while its not quite as popular as it was its still one of the most played games in the world at the moment.

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