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Stadia - does it still seem like a good idea?

Stadia – does it still seem like a good idea?

The Morning Inbox wants to know whether Gamescom 2019 is worth visiting, as one reader bets against seeing Elden Ring anytime soon.

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Back from the backlash

You know, I genuinely forgot all about Stadia until they said they were going to be at that Gamescom thing. For an amazing breakthough technology thats going to be out this year theyve been awful quiet. Or rather, theyve been awful quite about what any of the games are going to be.

I know there was that backlash once people realised it wasnt the Netflix of gaming after all but Im still interested in it given all the other stuff. If it works, and I realise that is a big if, then basically Im getting to use a top-end PC for a fraction of the cost on any device I chose (well, its a bit limited at launch but not so much that it ruins it).

Just buying games for normal prices seems strangely old school but Im sure things will get more Netflix-y as it goes on. Ill definitely be giving the free trial a go at least but I have to admit I think Microsoft will probably end up doing it all better. Especially because they have got the games already via Game Pass. After a terrible gen (I really dont know why people try to defend them) I think they could well end up dominating after this. I know they said theyre not giving up consoles but I dont think thats where their future is now.


My rule of thumb with things like E3 and Gamescom is that if theres no prior evidence then it definitely wont be there. So many times things have been called a no-brainer or obvious and they never happen (which incidentally is when I think many more unhinged gamers get most upset, as their little theories are torn to shreds). Im sure theres a few exceptions, and obviously Elden Ring might be at Gamescom, but if I was betting Id bet against it.

Theres zero sign that its going to be there, that Russian news story (surely thats red flag!) was a fake, and it all seems much too early. Not to mention its so much better to be pleasantly surprised than angrily let down if there is a surprise annoucement.

The Gamescom live event sounds pretty fun though so Im just going to sit back and enjoy some new looks at existing games, and if theres anything else on top of that itll just be a bonus.

Didnt hurt me

Glad to see President Trump and other politicians trying to address the problem of violence in video games, if some kind of censorship had been taken years back then maybe I would not have got into so much trouble for anti-social behaviour. Back then I was much younger and impressionable. It first started playing Doom, which lead to me being a social outcast amongst my friends. They would no longer invite me around their houses as I would punch walls, looking for secret doors/entrances where I could get armour and weapons.

I would probably not have got banned from my local Asda store after playing Mario and then going shopping and unable to stop myself from jumping on all the mushrooms in the fruit and veg section. Finally, I would not be up on an anti-terrorism charge, when the police were called as I tried to use an exploding sheep in my garden to get rid of all the worms.

At last, maybe we can bring a bit of sanity back to video games and ease off on the violence.
captainbloodsnot (PSN ID)

GC: To play devils advocate, Mario and Worms are not the sort of games anyones worrying about.



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Pity the poor controllers

Not to sound too flippant regarding violence relating to video games but as anyone in our line of hobbying will attest to, the only things that should fear violence are controllers, walls, and maybe a TV. After a microseconds outburst most of us are done and we go back to what made us angry in the first place to see if we can get past the trigger level/boss/section. What several million of us dont do is walk into a packed area and casually murder dozens of people.

Politicians need to check their facts and keep their out of date and baseless opinions to themselves. So sick of hearing what causes senseless violence when no one can agree, even the scientific community.

Mash for money

I dont like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There I said and it feels good. I never got into the Smash games, feels like button mashing to me anyway. There is some skill to the game for people out there but not me.

I like the idea of a celebration of gaming but not the game itself. Any other readers have games that they dont like but should like?
Alek Kazam

GC: Theres no reason you should like any game. But if you think its just button-mashing why not enter Evo 2019 or another tournament? Theres a lot of prize money to be won.

Wrestling for everyone

I dont get the impression there are many wrestling fans on here, but if there are theres big news in terms of WWE games. 2K has said its cutting ties with Japanese developer Yukes, who have been working on the franchise for literally decades. Instead Visual Concepts, who are American and have been co-developing the last few games will take over fully.

I see this as a good thing as the games have been stuck in a rut for years now, definitely this whole generation, and while theres been some signs of life recently (hopefully the influence of Visual Concepts) it really needs to be all torn down and started again from scratch, which is hopefully what will happen for the next gen at least.

Whatever you think of the real thing Ive always felt wrestling is one of those things that seems perfect made for video games and if the game is done well it can be enjoyed by anyone, whatever their background. It hasnt been like that since the N64 era though, PlayStation 2 tops.

Everything dies

Since news of all the Switch problems Ive become obsessed recently over potential failures of my existing hardware, having lived through red and yellow lights of death.

I came across an article highlighting how quickly solid state drives fail when having lots of repeated information written to them. The general consensus was about a max of five years or maybe sooner! Of course this is the type of drive the next Xbox and PlayStation will be using, so does this mean us gamers are doomed before we begin?

Yours, a panicked gamer!



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E3 of Europe

I dont think Ive left it too late (although maybe next year would be a better idea with the next gen) but would GC recommend going to Gamescom as an ordinary member of the public? As far as I understand it is primarily a public event with the press stuff bolted on, rather than E3 which is the other way round. So Im thinking it might be more fun to go down and see that and cross off going to E3 from my bucket list.

Ive watch all the videos and there seems to be surprisingly little cosplay going on, so I think Id be fine walking round with my girlfriRead More – Source


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