We're used to seeing TV legend Lorraine Kelly welcoming celebrity guests with her friendly banter on her self-titled ITV daytime show but now the Scottish star is shaking things up with a new challenge.

The feat ahead marks a significant shift for the chat show host, who will front the new BBC primetime Saturday night show, Wedding Day Winners, alongside comedian Rob Beckett.

Think Generation Game, It's a Knockout and Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway – with a bit of reality TV and romance thrown in.

Thousands of couples applied to take part and two engaged lovebirds will compete every week to win challenges with the help of their families, including stunts and games involving catapults, abseiling and conveyor belts.

So what have Lorraine and Rob revealed about the show?

1) The prizes are VERY generous

The winning couple are the pair who pick up the most prizes throughout the contest. On top of those treats – which might include a weekend away or a year's supply of champagne – they also have their wedding, reception and honeymoon paid for. The nation will also see the lucky pair take their wedding vows during the show.

"It's outrageous!" jokes Rob. "I think it's too much! But that's why they're so happy and up for it."

And unlike traditional game shows, there are no real losers.

"The runners-up still get a mini-moon and their wedding and reception is also paid for," Lorraine explains. "The only difference is that the losers' wedding is only shown during the show's end credits."

The weddings and receptions take place at the famous Pinewood Studios, where the show is filmed.

"Pinewood has got this amazing country manor," says Lorraine.

Rob adds: "The two weddings got a wing [of the manor] each. They [the wedding parties] just start intermingling because they all really bonded."

2) It's a primetime first for Lorraine (and Rob) – and ITV doesn't mind Lorraine being on the BBC

Lorraine says: "This is the biggie… it's very grown-up. It's kind of a new start.

"I never thought in a million years I'd be doing a BBC shiny, gorgeous Saturday night show, it's a real thrill. ITV are fine, I do other stuff for STV, I did a documentary for Channel 5 and I've done stuff for Sky. As long as I don't do it at the time I'm on in the morning so I'm not up against myself!"

3) It's going up against The Voice

Several episodes will air in January, when it will go up against ITV1 show The Voice, with the remainder airing during the spring, with wedding season in full swing.

The Voice used to air on the BBC in the same primetime slot.

Lorraine says: "I think we're ready for it (a family show)."

Rob chips in: "It's fun escapism, there's a lot going on in the world – Trump, Brexit – it's stressful whether you're happy about it or not!"

4) In Lorraine we trust

Rob credits Lorraine with putting the contestants at ease, saying: "We were a bit worried in case there were any bridezillas but when we spoke to them, they just all said 'We knew it would be OK because Lorraine's presenting it', which I think is a lovely testament – because they trust in Lorraine."

5) They have a few favourites

"All the couples were so different and so very, very special but the boys [a gay couple] stood out for me," says Lorraine.

"They were very emotional, it was very, very special for them. Everybody was treated the same. There's also a smashing couple with a Bollywood theme. It was amazing."

6) You would never find Lorraine and Rob taking part as contestants

"My husband has never been on anything, he runs a mile!" says Lorraine.

And Rob says his wife "wouldn't go anywhere near it".

But it's definitely resulted in some close bonding for the hosts.

"We've seen 12 weddings together!" says Lorraine, while Rob jokes: "I feel like we have got married!"

7) And it's brought back memories…

"(My wedding) was such a small one," says Lorraine.

"All I wanted was men in kilts and pipers. Very traditional. My dress – [this was] 1992 – was a Princess Diana bouffant thing with big sleeves. We could all get in it. Still got it."

Rob chimes in: "It's in storage, it's got a full garage to itself!"

8) The duo have some wise advice for a happy marriage

Lorraine: "Don't take each other for granted and make each other laugh. Thirty years together and 20 years married. That poor saint has been putting up with me for all that time."

Rob: "Get a massive bed. I've got a superking, I can barely hear her breathe! The best thing for our relationship that I've ever bought – I can't even see her hardly!"

9) Just a tinsy bit of booze to get the party started

Lorraine: "There's some Prosecco during the day (of filming), not shedloads but just enough to keep everybody happy!"

Or in Rob's words: "Just to keep the kids quiet – joking!"

10) And finally, the dream contestants?

Lorraine has no hesitation, saying: "It would be nice to get Harry and Meghan involved. A celebrity royal special!"

And you never know, folks – those of you old enough to remember may recall members of the Royal Family taking part in their own televised version of It's A Knockout back in 1987. So watch this space…

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