On this day in 1972, members of the Black September organization stormed the Israeli embassy in Bangkok and held hostages. It was hoped that the Munich Olympics would be quiet and would only fight between athletes in clean competitions. However, the kidnapping of Black September and their deaths Has overshadowed the Olympics and the performance of the security services to this day.

The Munich Olympics were supposed to break another image. A 1936 Olympics in Germany under the Nazi regime. Germany is living under a pluralistic democratic system about a quarter of a century after the fall of Nazism.

Indeed, ten days of sports were fun, exciting, until four thirty five minutes on the morning of September 5th, when the Black September organization broke into the headquarters of the Israeli sports mission in the Olympic Village, and requested the release of 232 Palestinian prisoners in Israel , As well as German Andreas Bader and Alrike Meinhof of the leftist Red Army organization. The Palestinian group also requested the release of Japanese leftist Kozo Okamoto, a member of the Japanese Red Army organization, who carried out an operation at Lod Airport in Israel on May 30, 1972.

German negotiators tended to accept the terms of the group that detained the athletes of the Israeli mission, while Israel categorically refused.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said, “If we agree, an Israeli will not feel safe in his life anywhere in the world.”

At the end of the day and after a disastrous operation to free the kidnapped, 11 Israeli athletes were killed, in addition to five of the perpetrators and a policeman.

Munich police chief Manfred Schreiber tried to justify the failure by saying: “We were not prepared, neither in terms of the quality of arms, nor legally or psychologically prepared, in a peaceful sports environment.”

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