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Green Hell - all you have to do is survive

Green Hell – all you have to do is survive

A reader offers a list of some of the most enjoyable current gen survival games, from The Forest to Stranded Deep.

The survival game genre has always shown itself to be widely popular and quite a substantial number of these games are now available. Here are my personal favourites, that Id highly recommend for people to check out and have a good play to experience the fun and entertainment that a survival game can offer.

The Forest

Developed by the team at Endnight Games, The Forest takes place on a forest peninsula with two survivors. The game offers a first person view open world environment where you are challenged to survive as long as possible using whatever you can find. It offers a great challenge to the player, where you can build and create structures, as well as fires and items, to survive. You are then left to make your own decisions as to how you want to survive and what you choose to do is entirely up to you. The game has gained incredible success, selling over five million copies by 2018. These facts alone should show you that this is well worth having in your game library and is a potential future classic.

Stranded Deep

Developed by BEAM Team Games this is similar to The Forest, however this is set on an island in the Pacific Ocean where you can explore multiple islands as well as decide what to create and what items to collect. Similar to The Forest, it offers a great challenge to the player by having them manage their food and water supplies and also allows you to search shipwrecks and swim for rare supplies and equipment. Although it is similar to The Forest with a different setting and environment it still makes a great title to have in your library.

Green Hell

Although still under work and constantly being updated this is one title that you should own in the future. Similar to both the Forest and Stranded Deep, this offers vehicles as well as a survival environment and its a great alternative choice or a third game to collect in this genre. With its consistent updates, including a story mode, this is one game you most certainly do not want to miss.


A prime example as to how survival games should be made. The game places the player in a fictional post-Soviet rRead More – Source


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