If you enjoy needlework but lack the patience for knitting or embroidery, needle punching may be the craft for you.

Ms Ly Yeow, a 33-year-old freelance artist and educator, describes it as drawing with a needle.

With colourful yarn and large needles, students can incorporate techniques of embroidery, weaving and pom-pom making to create textured artwork.

Ms Yeow sets a theme for each class to teach different needle punching skills. Students might use pom-pom making techniques to create mushroom caps in a fungi-themed session or create ruffles and loops to depict a seascape.

She runs these classes at Lyttle Space, a home studio in her Bedok South Housing Board flat that she shares with her husband and three cats.

She stumbled upon needle punching about a year ago when her hands began trembling involuntarily, a condition she attributes to overwork. She had previously been working on client-commissioned murals, which was physically taxing as they required her to paint for up to 15 hours a day with one arm elevated.

"I still wanted to do art, so I had to find different ways to express myself," she says.

Ms Hannah Foo, 27, an analyst in the finance industry, attended a needle punching workshop earlier this month and found the process therapeutic.

She enjoyed it so much that she purchased a needlRead More – Source

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