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Fans angry at Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Survival mode PS4 exclusivity

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – Survival mode seems to be locked away for a year. It may only be 1% ..

The Surge 2 review – souls-destroying sequel

The Surge 2 (PS4) – Dark Souls with robots should be better than this One of the best Dark Souls cl..

Fallout 76 power armour helmet recall as 20,000 pose health risk

Arent these things meant to help save your life? (Picture: Bethesda) A GameStop exclusive Fallout 7..

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare story trailer looks super intense

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – who would argue with facial hair like that? Sonys State of Play even..

Xbox streaming service Project xCloud UK beta tests start in October

Project xCloud is aiming to be the future of Xbox gaming Microsoft will start public trials for its..

MediEvil PS4 demo is live now as PS4 State of Play reveals new games

The MediEvil remake now has a free demo Sonys answer to a Nintendo Direct has announced everything ..

Games Inbox: Too many video game remakes, Borderlands 3 disappointment, and Astral Chain love

The problem with so many of the complaints Ive seen about Super Mario Odyssey is they usually apply ..

Mario Kart Tour release date, gameplay, price, trailers and all you need to know

Will you be trying out the free-to-play mobile game? (Picture: Nintendo) Mario Kart Tour will be th..

Red Dead Redemption II on PC rumours start again thanks to new age rating

We want a Red Dead Redemption II PC port, and we want it now. Theres yet more hints suggesting Red ..

Fortnite looks like its getting a new map for Season 11

Season X is almost over, but big changes seem to be in store for the next season (Picture: Epic Game..

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