A picture of a T-51b Power Armour helmet from Fallout 76

Arent these things meant to help save your life? (Picture: Bethesda)

A GameStop exclusive Fallout 76 helmet has been recalled due to risk of respiratory problems.

Bethesda dont seem to be able to catch a break with their promotional items. First there was the nylon collector bag fiasco and now their power armour helmet has been deemed a health hazard. Manufacturer Chronicle Collectibles has issued a recall for the U.S. GameStop exclusive T-51b Power Armour helmet, over a risk of mould exposure.

The fabric inserts used in the creation of the helmet may contain mould, and a ruling by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said it poses a severe health risk for those who have a respiratory illness.

The recall only involves Fallout 1:1 Power Armour Nuka-Cola Helmets that have a red painted finish, Chronicle told Forbes over Twitter direct message.

We understand and respect that there is disappointment with the bag in the Power Armor Edition. We are sorry. Please contact Bethesda Support to provide proof of your CE purchase. They will assist in granting your account 500 Atoms.

Please visit:

— Fallout (@Fallout) November 29, 2018



Even if you dont have an allergy to mould and are in perfect health, we still wouldnt advise popping on the helmet and going for a casual stroll. Instead, youre best to send it back and ask for a refund.

GameStop says theyve been contacting customers and offering full refunds for $150 (£120) but if you have one and havent heard from the company yet you should get in contact – the information to do so can be found on the


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