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Samsung 8K TVs arent actually 8K says LG

Does anyone really need a 8K? (Picture: LG) Companies are already trying to make 8K televisions the..

Switch Lite does suffer from Joy-Con drift report owners

Have you had any problems with your Switch Lite? Nintendos new Switch Lite console still suffers fr..

Untitled Goose Game fans add geese to Zelda and Metal Gear

We would totally be up for some DLC that made this happen (pic: Adventislands) Gamings most unlikel..

Apple Arcade game review round-up – from ChuChu Rocket to Assemble With Care

Will you be adding Apple Arcade to your subscription list? GameCentral reviews the first wave of Ap..

Giratina raid returns to Pokémon GO – plus shiny altered forme Giratina

Do you want to catch the shiny of altered forme Giratina? (Picture: The Pokémon Company) Pokémon GO..

Fortnite is adding bots and revamping matchmaking to make things easier for newcomers

Which one of these is the bot? (Picture: Epic Games) Fortnite is trying to make things easier for i..

Games Inbox: Borderlands 3 final verdict, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta, and the...

If I were to sum up the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta in one word I would say boring. This might..

No Destiny 3 anytime soon as Bungie confirm five-year Destiny 2 roadmap

Theres no rush for Destiny 3, as Destiny 2 still has a lot more to come (Picture: Bungie) Bungie do..

Borderlands 3s first in-game event starting in October in time for Halloween

Captain Haunt, doesnt he just make you shake uncontrollably with fear? (Picture: Gearbox) Borderlan..

Streamer Ninja helps Z Event reach €3 million target with big donation

A generous amount was donated by streamer Ninja during the Z Event (Picture: Mixer) (Picture: Z Even..

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Transferwise repackages its business banking with a debit card

Fintech unicorn Transferwise is today relaunching its business banking effort to include a debit car..