A soldier from Ghost Recon Breakpoint hiding behind a tree injured hiding from military drones

I dont think Im really that camouflaged (Picture: Ubisoft)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out next Friday and Ubisoft has released a year one roadmap of what to expect afterwards.

As you might expect from Ubisoft, a lot of free stuff is coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint after launch but also some premium paid-for content as well. The year one plan seems to cover all the bases – including new story episodes, missions, classes raids, and online events.

The main story of Breakpoint is called Operation Greenstone and runs up until January 2020. During that time a raid on a volcanic island will be playable and therell be an online event where youve got to stop a time-traveling Terminator… As well as the new engineer class, new missions, and player vs. player updates.

Its quite a generous portion of free content; however, there is a slight catch. Everyone gets access to all of this, but for those who have the year one pass therell be able to unlock the new class without using skill points and can play it a week early.

Year one pass for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Not a bad amount of content for a season pass (Picture: Ubisoft)

February 2020 starts with Episode 2 and a new story called Deep State, but you can only play the first hour for free; to unlock the rest you need to purchase the year one pass. There is a way you can get around this though. If you have a friend who has the year one pass you can play it with them for free, however only pass owners will get the exclusive rewards so you have to ask whether its really worth it.



You also get the story content above, along with another raid, a new unique online event, yet another class, and more missions.

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The final episode appears in June and, like the two episodes above, will more or less have the same type of stuff included. It runs until September but not much else is known about it at the moment.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also getting a battle pass (its 2019, why wouldnt it?) named Battle Reward System. For playing against otRead More – Source


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