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“Lizzie McGuire” star Lalaine Vergara-Paras claimed on Instagram Wednesday that she was forced to “look as white as possible” while growing up as a child actress.

The Filipino actress explained in her post how she was “forced” to appear white while growing up. The Instagram photo appearing alongside her caption shows Vergara-Paras posing in a floral cap and dress while holding balloons.

Most of my life growing up, I was forced to look as “white” as possible. These days, I struggle to find photos where I look as ethnic as possible. Like in this photo, the most East-Asian Ive ever looked. In order to see, for most people, you have to zoom in on ma face. And in case you still dont understand, I love my face in this photo.

Vergara-Paras is best known for her role in the hit Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire,” in which she played the character of Miranda Sanchez, the best friend of the main character, Lizzie (played by Hillary Duff).

Despite Vergara-Parass claims of having to appear “as white as possible,” her character in the show came from a Mexican family, according to People. Read More – Source

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