Kristen Stewart pulled a sickening move Monday in France.

Stewart is currently at the Cannes Film Festival cavorting with scores of other celebrities, protesting sexual harassment and several other issues in the entertainment industry. (RELATED: Guardian Writer Rips Cannes Film Festival: Its A Crime Scene)

One of those issues is the subject of high heels.

Back in 2015, Cannes reportedly barred women from wearing flat shoes in the name of fashion. But Kristen Stewart was determined not to let the film festival get the last word. (RELATED: Selfies Are Now Banned At This High Profile Event)

So rather than wearing flat shoes, Stewart walked the red carpet barefoot as a silent but incredibly unhygienic protest.

It looks like Stewart was actually wearing high heels before a screening of the “BlacKkKlansman,” but once she arrived at the event she slipped out of her sky high heels and walked the carpet barefoot. Its a pretty sickening scene.

Red carpet at #Cannes or not, sometimes the heels have just gotta go. #KristenStewart

— InStyle (@InStyle) May 14, 2018

Kristen Stewart, Icon, Took Off Her Heels, Walked the the Cannes Red Carpet Barefoot

— Marie Claire (@marieclaire) May 14, 2018

Now dont get me wrong. I understand how uncomfortable walking in high heels can be. But walking around a gross carpet that dozens of people have put their gross shoes and who-knows-what-else on is just not a good scene. Thats how you pick up a nice toe fungus. Or worse.

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