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Does this mean the Neo will be released this year after all?

What will the PlayStation 5 be like?

GameCentral readers detail what they want to see from the PS5 and Xbox Two, from 60fps graphics to backwards compatibility.

The subject for this weeks Hot Topic was suggested by reader gaz be rotten and asked what do you want from the next generation consoles? How much of an improvement do you expect from the graphics and what new features do you want to see?

Most people agreed that a reveal was likely for the new machines next year, and there were a lot of common demands, including keeping a disc drive, better artificial intelligence, and improved VR headsets.

Instant action

Im hoping that the new generation of consoles will draw direct comparisons to the first gaming consoles, in that they will be plug in and play.

Honestly, in terms of ease of use I think this generation has been a joke. Having to install every new game you buy (regardless of whether youve bought it on disc) is beyond laborious.

Lengthy installs and downloading patches are the antithesis of console gaming. One of the major selling points of the first consoles was that they were a fast and easy way of playing games, aimed at those who wanted to avoid the rather more involved experience of home computers.

Why not make consoles fast and easy again?

My wish probably wont happen. What I believe will happen is that well end up with consoles that are glorified set-top boxes. Each games publisher will have their own subscription-only channel, a bit like Netflix and Amazon Prime but for games.
msv858 (Twitter)

More detail, less money

There are two things I would like to see from the next generation of consoles. Firstly, I would like to see worlds with more detail, so a game with the kind of detail in Red Dead Redemption II becomes the norm. At the moment a game with that level of detail requires a lot of money and time to make, which I suspect most studios dont have at the moment.

But if the new consoles have enough power and new technologies that allow some of the leg work to be taken away from the developers than maybe we might see these kind of worlds more often. I think I remember reading something the other day about how some Chinese company had developed an AI that could basically do what I have just said.

I would also like to see VR become the norm, I dont own any of the headsets but have had goes on them and really think theyre fantastic and should be a big part in the future of gaming. If the consoles can just have more power to enable better graphics for VR games than the level of immersion will be even greater. The reveal of a new console is one of the most exciting times to be a gamer, so really hope we hear something at the next E3.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)

Press M to microtransact

Good games would be all Id ask from new consoles. Unfortunately the only companies with the resources to take advantage of new hardware only want to make recurrent spending opportunities rather than games.

Lets just hope something good can slip through.

I still look forward to contactless payment points in our PlayBoxCubes to make the experience of player choice more convenient when buying new hats and XP boosters for our avatars,



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All Caps

Im not very technical so I dont think I can say anything useful about what I want to see from the next gen consoles. But I can definitely say what I dont want. I dont want to hear about 4K, HDR, or whatever new nonsense they dream up that makes almost NO DIFFERENCE to the visuals and absolutely zero to the gameplay.

Its a meaningless buzzword to throw about and it pains me to see people taking it seriously and pretending it matters. Especially when the only number wars thing that does make a difference – 60fps – is the only one companies seem to show no interest in making a standard.

That alone proves how nonsensical the whole thing is, just providing numbers for nerds who dont really know what theyre talking about to use as ammunition. I swear, if they start pushing 8K I think I might not even join the next generation.

Oh, and no motion controls either.

Death to the lightbar

I expect/want lots of things from the ninth generation consoles. 4K resolution, eye tracking technology in next gen VR headsets (maybe more VR stuff like body suit, gloves, running track, etc.). I want to see unconventional funky-shaped consoles with lots of flashy lights which are also customise-able. At least 16GB RAM with backwards compatibility and a 10 year life cycle which would build a gigantic amount of AAA games never seen before in any generation.

A company like Nintendo should make interactive 3D holograms in the front room. The Switch 2 could switch into a VR headset also. Handheld gaming should have better battery life. Also, random surprises that I didnt see coming (as it makes games industry and gaming more interesting).
Alex Allen

GC: Flashing lights? You monster.

Peas in a pod

Im a PlayStation fan. Ive had the PlayStation 3 and 4, and upgraded to the PS4 Pro. I really cant wait for the new PlayStation 5, I want it to do true 4K (which is a given) but I want a disc drive. Im old school, I dont download my dinner I have it on a plate in my hand and its the same for my games. And you get better deals on disc, unlike the stores on both PSN and Xbox Live. If the PlayStation 5 has both of them, Im in.

As for the Xbox, I dont get it. the Xbox One X came out 7th October 2017, so if they do release one in 2019 theyre working on a three year cycle, four years if its is 2020. Whereas Sony, yes they have had little changers but its still the same console. Theyre working on a six or seven year cycle. To me Xbox are trying so hard two catch up they need to stop this upgrades rubbish and go with games, like Sony have. Get some good exclusives, not timed ones where after a few months theyre on PlayStation. Proper exclusives, roll on E3 2019 (please Sony remember a disc drive).

GC: The Xbox One X is exactly the same deal as the PS4 Pro, which came out just a year earlier. Theyre both just upgrade consoles, not different formats.



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Memory request

I think we need to be realistic with our expectations with just how powerful any new hardware will be, especially with the mid-gen upgrades we had with the Pro and the X. I have both machines – along with a Switch – and the first and most important thing I want is every game running at a smooth and constant 60fps.

Secondly, I think backward compatibility is a must. Some people dont like it, always wanting the new, but Microsoft have shown that when done right it becomes far more than just a filler and gives access to games you may have missed first time around.

It really is difficult to tell how each of the companies is going to go but you do get the feeling that Microsoft is setting up the next Xbox to go all out by buying up studios like Obsidian.

Nintendo will do their own thing as usual but ironically are probably the easiest to predict, at least hardware-wise, with a Switch Pro or similar.

Sony are in a difficult position on how to continue the momentum from the PlayStation 4 to the 5 as I dont think Microsoft will make the same mistakes again and Sonys goodwill was tainted somewhat with the cross-play furore that certainly wasnt for the players. Im not having a go at Sony as some of my favourite games – God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn – in the last five years were Sony exclusives and I cant wait to see where they go next.

The fantasist in me wants super powerful consoles that will beam me into a Matrix style world, kung fu, black leather, the lot but the realist in me sees a world of cheap cash-ins and microtransactions with EA at the forefront of dodgy business practices.

We might even see new players enter the market like Google, Apple, Amazon, or Facebook especially if streaming comes to pass.

When it boils right down to it all I want from the next gen is great games that are innovative, a pleasure to play and give me lasting memories after the next gen has been and gone.


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