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Cuckholding is getting the Hollywood treatment, or so it seems according to the official website for “Cuck: The Film”, the latest from the production group Rimrock Pictures.

Not much can be discerned from the films official website, other than it seems to be directed by Rob Lambert, the director behind a number of indie releases.

A quote from German philosopher Immanuel Kant is also on the homepage: “If man makes himself a word he must not complain when he is trodden on.”

When clicking on the filmmakers statement, one is met with only a black page and an ellipses — signaling that its incomplete or conveying some sort of artsy message.

A couple of stills from the film can also be seen, showing a few of the films stars like Zachary Ray Sherman, who will be playing the role of “Ronnie,” according to the films IMDB page.

Aside from a few B-movies, Sherman is probably best known for appearing in 18 episodes of the “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot.

Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland will also appear in the film as “Mother.” It is not clear to what extent Kirkland will be involved in any sort of cuckholding.

For those unfamiliar, cuckholding is the act of a man having sexual relations with another mans wife. The husband of said wife is referred to as a “cuck” in these situations. In recent years, the act of cuckholding has become a sexual fetish for some and also a term of derision for seemingly weak men.

No release date has yet been set for Cuck, but The Daily Caller News Foundation promises to follow up on any updates. An e-mail to the filmmakers was not immediately returned.

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