Selma Blair has trolled the haters, as she shared a defiant semi-nude image of herself as she celebrated the end of chemotherapy treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the Sweetest Thing star wore only a jacket as she held a crab bag in front of her nethers.

As she posed in the mirror, holding her bald head, the star flashed her bum to the photographer.

Portrait of a lady, the actress wrote, tagging designer @thombrowneny and photographer @creativerehabnyc, adding the tags #subversiveuniverse #barbie.

Fans immediately supported the star, with her famous friends adding comments and Avengers star Josh Brolin sharing a series of empowering emojis.

Christina Milian said she adored her while former co-star Sarah Michelle Geller had a laugh as she wrote: You know they have medicine for that.

However Selma had her protesters, who wondered why she needed to get her kit off to make her point – like it wasnt her choice or something…

Shes detailed her journey (Picture: Selma Blair/Instagram)

I dont get it but thats just me. Its a tough disease but never lose your dignity, Selma. I get the shock factor though, one wrote, as Selma replied: I think its a vulnerable, humourous, odd and interesting fashion shot. I like it.



Another, who said they, too, have MS, wrote: Im strong every day I dont let it bring me down but this is too much.

Selma just didnt care, though, as she replied: I always liked fashion and photography. Sorry its not your thing.

The image was a clear riff on a series of her characters, as many fans drew the likeness and loved her post.

The actress has been enduring intense physical therapy since finishing chemo treatments in late July, which left her completely bald.

Selma Blair
The actress was diagnosed with MS last year (Picture: John Shearer/Getty Images)

Last week, the Legally Blonde star began physiotherapy, saying it was the beginning of her journey to healing and the long road to getting where I want to be.

Selma revealed her MS diagnosis last year, being diagnosed in August 2018 despite having the disease for 15 years. Since then, the star has been open about her battle with the incurable illness, and inspired others by attending the Oscars afterparty with her cane.

Selma opted to try and slow down the progression of the disease with an experimental stem cell treatment called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), which uses chemotherapy to reset a patients immune system.

Last month she shared a picture with eight-year-old son Arthur, and a lengthy emotional caption to Instagram, thanking her 1.7 million followers for their continuous support and kind words.

It is darkest before the dawn and I am so deeply moved at how many people called or wrote or left comments after my last post, Selma wrote in reference to the previous photo where she had spoken about her struggle with insomnia.



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