Rainbow Six Siege operators: New Outbreak, Chimera leak ahead of free weekend

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 is due to kick off soon, and to start the third big landmark for the game off in style, Ubisoft has some notable plans.

The update is due to drop the on March 6 – so ahead of that, here's everything we know so far.

Rainbow Six Siege Update – Free Weekend

This comes ahead of Ubisoft offering players a chance to try out the game with a free weekend.

Starting on Thursday, February 15 and running through Tuesday, February 20, Rainbow Six Siege will be completely free to play on all platforms.

• The free weekend will be available on PC (Steam and Uplay) February 15-18, on PS4 February 15-20, and on Xbox One February 15-19.

Alongside the expected additions Ubisoft usually drops in with new content updates – such as new operators and maps – we're also being treated to a big new event this time, too.

Rainbow Six Siege Update – What we know so far

The Outbreak update will introduce big new changes to both sides of the game: the PvP and the PvE.

Perhaps the biggest shake-up to the game will be the Outbreak event coming to the PvE portion of the title. It'll add a whole new mode to the co-operative side of things – so far, we only have Terrorist mode to play in co-op, but Outbreak will add a new zombie-themed survival mode into the mix.

This mode will only be available for a limited time, and it'll only be playable with select Operators (plus the default Recruit character). It features three exclusive new maps that are more open than the standard PvP maps.

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Chimera New Operators and leaked details

Ubisoft looks to be adding two new operators to the game with Operation Chimera, Lion and Finka. Here's what we know so far about the upcoming update.

Rainbow Six Siege Update – New Cosmetics

In addition to the new playable content Ubisoft will be adding to the title, there will also be a special event loot box that offers new cosmetics.

Apparently, up to 50 unique items can be obtained through these new Outbreak packs – but rest assured, none of them will have any impact on gameplay… they'll all be cosmetic only.

These new packs will set you back 300 R6 Credits, though a few rewards will be obtainable just by playing according to Ubisoft.

And by simply logging in during the event, you'll get four Outbreak packs for free. Among the included items are a new Elite uniform, universal weapon skins, headgear, charms, and more.

Rainbow Six Siege Update – Leaked Operators

So far, two of the new operators for the game have leaked.

Apparently, these have come from two screenshots posted on the messageboard 4chan. Here's what we know about the operators so far (basically, one can heal you and one can see through walls).

• Lion has an assault rifle version of the vector that fires slower. His gadget is a drone that pulses the map for movement and pings it. This can happen 3 times.

• Finka has an assault rifle called the Spear .30. Her gadget is nanobots that heal her and her teammates for 40 health. If you get overhealed, the buff lasts for 10 seconds.

Rainbow Six Siege Update – Operation Chimera

The overall name for this update is Operation Chimera, and it promises to continue past simply being a one-off update – for a start, it seems Ubisoft is starting off a whole new narrative thread with this update.

Here's how the company officially describes the update:

Welcome to Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege. Your continued support allows us to create new content and we’re thrilled to reveal what’s under the command tent. Push the flap aside and come on in. We’re starting the year with Operation Chimera and a new specialized CTU in the lineup.

Biological and chemical attacks are growing threats to Operators. Six created the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Threat Unit. CBRN is its own distinct CTU. The following two experts know what they’re doing and they’ll never turn their backs on a hotzone. These two new operators are joining the multiplayer roster and will also be playable in the limited time Outbreak event, along with other legacy operators.

One operator hails from France and uses a drone to maintain quarantine perimeters. Their service record is astounding, but their list of regrets seems endless.

The other operator moved to Russia to pursue their studies and they uncovered a range of applications for self-dissolving nanobots. All allies can benefit from the research carried out by this CBRN Specialist.

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