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Games Inbox: Are you still interested in a new Saints Row?
Saints Row IV – is the superhero shtick getting old?

The evening Inbox wonders why 4K hasn’t help bring back real-time strategies, as one reader is worried about the cool factor while using Nintendo Labo.

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Stop joking around

I’m cautiously optimistic to learn that Saints Row and its developer are now under new management, as I think it’s a real shame what they’ve done to the series over the years. I get that we probably don’t need two super serious gangster simulators but I don’t think the weird superhero game its turned into is appealing to anyone anymore.

They need to decide exactly what the games are about and stick with it. And after Agents Of Mayhem I think it’s pretty obvious that the superhero thing is not appealing to many people any more. A sense of humour is great but Saints Row 5 needs to be actually fun, not just weird. So stop trying to jam jokes in there and just get on with making a good quality open world action game.

Saints Row still has much better action and controls than GTA and it should be leaning on that not stupid musical numbers and trips to hell. I remember that one of the main guys at Volition had left during Agents Of Mayhem but has come back now, so that’s also encouraging. I hope he can knock things into shape, because I’m still interested in the games.

Back to its roots

Sounds like good news about the Deep Silver takeover, especially if it means a new Saints Row game.

However, hopefully new in this case would mean old, as in taking the series back to the original style we saw in the first two games. A return to Stillwater would be welcomed with open arms, in fact anywhere other than Steelport would be an excellent start.

Too big to not fail

Have you guys ever considered skipping a Dynasty Warriors game? It is very clear you do not like them and they are going to score between 3 and 5/10. Are these games simply too big to ignore?

Surely there are some indie titles that you missed that might be a better use of your time?

I have only played two Dynasty Warriors games. I enjoyed them for an hour or two but then I get bored by the repetition.
Currently playing: Monster Hunter World and I have just unlocked High Rank. Awesome game.

GC: They’re on the edge of being too big to ignore. We have skipped a few, particularly the spin-offs, but we can’t just review the games we happen to like. And it’s not that we dislike Dynasty Warriors on principle, we dislike them because they’re not very good. Besides, Dynasty Warriors 9 was definitely the most interesting one in years.

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Loot box strategy

Does anyone else miss real-time strategy games? Not that I have one but I heard they were coming back a bit with VR, but I don’t think I’ve seen any particularly prominent ones. And not any that have made it over to ‘normal’ consoles. I guess turn-based strategies are more popular than they used to be (have ever been?) which is something, but I always preferred Command & Conquer and the like.

I realise the whole mouse thing is a still an issue but resolution isn’t any more, as 4K is now very common. Halo Wars 2 looks good, but I’ve got a PlayStation 4, so I can’t exactly play that. The problem used to be that strategy games looked boring but I’m surprised that after Starcraft basically invented eSports that notion hasn’t gone away and they’ve become more popular. But if anything we’ve got less of them now.

Is it because they don’t work well with loot crates? I mean, they’re multiplayer games where you’ve got lots of units to build so I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Not that I want them, of course, but that can’t be the reason.

Super dock

The question of a Nintendo Switch Pro has been raised a few times by various people, but I would just like to say I would be all for it. Obviously it would make the Switch quite expensive, but I wonder whether the best solution wouldn’t be to offer a Pro dock, rather than a brand new console?

So maybe for, say, £100 you could get a new dock and when you slot the Switch into that the graphics are given a major boost. It wouldn’t have to be all the way up to 4K or anything but just enough to run major third party games like Monster Hunter and Call Of Duty. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea?

You’d lose the portable aspect for those particular games, but my feeling would be that they’re the sort of games that would be best played with a big TV anyway. I’ve a feeling Nintendo would dismiss it anyway, for those reasons, but I know I’d be interested.

He’s not crazy

The reader mentioning Warner Bros. and their E3 plans made me realise that we still haven’t seen them use the Nemesis system outside of a Lord of the Rings game. I find that really bizarre considering how everyone seems to think it’s a great idea, and it’s not as if it could only work in that kind of setting.

So I started looking through Warner Bros. films and apart from a lot of old film noir stuff, which would be cool, they also seem to own the rights to Goodfellas. Imagine how good a game that could be using the Nemesis system!

I realise Goodfellas has been ripped off a hundred times before, most of it by Rockstar, but to me this just seems like the perfect mix of gameplay and film. Especially if they make it less about being an action game, and more about your reputation and how people keep grudges against you or become loyal. Tell me I’m not crazy thinking that’s a good idea!

None taken

I like the self-awareness in David Jenkins’ tweet this morning, about Nintendo Labo. I would say that looking like a total idiot (no offence) is a potential problem for it but I guess if it’s aimed at kids that’s the last thing they’re going to care about. I assume you’re going to do a proper write-up on it soon, but how was it general – if you can say?

GC: It was really fun, and for obvious reasons we particularly enjoyed the giant transforming robot. There were lots of kids there as well, and they were absolutely loving it – which has got to be a good sign for Nintendo. Especially as they were just as interested in making and customising the Toy-Cons as they were playing with them.

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It’s not unusual to be in love with Titanfall

I know they’re working on a Star Wars game at the moment, but hopefully now that EA has bought Respawn that means that a Titanfall 3 is close to a definite. I don’t know if I’m unusual in this but I love both the games and thought the single-player in the second one was basically the only interesting first person shooter campaign I’ve played in years.

I think there’s still a bit of a problem with the whole universe being a bit ‘boring’ in terms of the backstory and everything, which is obviously a problem for the mainstream, but I’m sure they can find ways to make it seem a bit more exciting.

People talk about EA’s marketing muscle but I don’t see much evidence of that outside stuff like FIFA and Battlefield that sells already. They never seem to make much effort with their smaller games, which I find a bit odd. Especially when they’re dumping them out at Christmas. Hopefully they’ll give a new Titanfall the back it needs.

Inbox also-rans

Chalk me up as another one that has never played Shadow Of The Colossus before but is super impressed by the game on PlayStation 4. It really does underline the difference between a remaster and a remake too – this game could’ve been made yesterday. Good job Sony!

I kind of like the fact that Rare are being weirdly secretive about the kraken, even though the secret was out weeks ago. If they haven’t changed about that sort of thing then hopefully they haven’t changed in terms of making good games!

This week’s Hot Topic

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Have you noticed a shift in terms of the types of games you play, or major franchises you’ve changed your opinion on? Do you play more or less multiplayer games now than you used to, and has the format you play on most – including consoles, portables, PC, and mobile devices – changed as time’s gone on?

How have the games you play evolved to match the amount of free time you have? And are there certain types of games you’d like to play now but don’t have the time, or expertise, for anymore?

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