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Overwatchs Halloween Terror event returns this week and offers players the chance to unlock various new items.

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Players will also be able to play the Junkensteins Revenge brawl game mode.

It will be the third year Halloween Terror has been available in the game and it includes a range of horror-themed character skins.

Here is what we know about Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 so far.

What are the new Halloween skins?

Blizzard has been gradually revealing the upcoming Halloween skins on the Overwatch Twitter account.

The announced skins so far are –

  • Swamp Monster Doomfist (Legendary)
  • Banshee Moira (Legendary)
  • Spider Widowmaker (Epic)
  • Enchanted Armor Pharah (Legendary)
  • Jack-O-Lantern Wrecking Ball (Legendary)

Now it's time to get PUMPED up!

Squash your enemies as JACK-O'-LANTERN WRECKING BALL (Legendary)!

Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9!

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 8, 2018

When does Overwatch Halloween Terror start?



The Halloween event will begin on Tuesday 9 October and it is set to end on Wednesday 31 October.

What can players expect from the Halloween event?

The exact details of what players can expect from this years Halloween Terror is still not know, but details of new skins are gradually being released on Twitter as the build-up continues.

Blizzard revealed a Swamp Monster Doomfist legendary skin yesterday that will be unlockable during the Halloween event.

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The skins from previous Halloween Terror event are also set to be available as well, which currently includes 8 Epic and 12 Legendary skins.

There has also been various other spooky items released over the last two years including emotes, victory poses, voice lines and sprays.

The brawl game mode Junkensteins Revenge is usually available during Halloween Terror and it is likely to be available again.

In the game four players work together to protect the gate of Adlersbrunn Castle from a horde of Zomnics and they have to use the heroes Ana, Hanzo, McCree and Soldier: 76.

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