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Fortnite overtakes PUBG as the biggest video game in the world
Has Fortnite eaten PUBG’s chicken dinner?

Despite the problems over the weekend Fortnite has broken PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds record for the most number of concurrent players.

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Epic Games has already taken to describing Fortnite as the biggest game in the world, and now they have the stats to prove it; as the game hit a peak of 3.4 million concurrent players on Sunday.

That beats PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ record of 3.2 million players on Steam, intensifying the rivalry between the two games.

Both are part of the Battle Royale sub-genre, where dozens of players compete to be the last man standing on a slowly shrinking map. Neither game invented the idea, but PUBG’s creators recently flirted with the idea of suing Fortnite for being too similar.

Fortnite could have done even better at the weekend if it hadn’t been for the server problems caused by so many people playing at the same time.

Epic Games has posted a detailed explanation of what went wrong and how they intend to make sure it doesn’t happen again, although obviously time will tell on that one.

There are definitely signs that PUBG’s popularity on PC may have peaked, as for the first time ever the average player count went down instead of up last month.

But having only just launched in December on Xbox One, in a state well behind that of the PC version, it could still end up beating Fortnite in the long run. Especially if there’s a PlayStation 4 version further down the line.

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The newest versions of the game aren’t on consoles though but mobile phones, with Chinese publishing giant Tencent having just launched two separate PUBG-related games.

One is a fairly straightforward adaptation of the PC original, subtitled Exhilarating Battlefield, while the other is called Army Attack and focuses on vehicular combat on land, sea, and air.

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