The Division 2 Raid COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Matchmaking issues, Start Time, Rewards, More (Pic: Ubisoft)


Fans looking for a cool little easter egg before tonight's new Division 2 Raid release should look no further than the games recently-added helipad, which sits just next to players base of operations at the White House.

Should you venture over to the Helipad you'll be greeted by a women in a white t-shirt and dark baseball hat who can provide information about the 8-man Washington Airport Raid.

A screen appears which reads “the raid is coming as free DLC,” along with a reminder that you'll need eight players in order to complete it.

However, it also shows a handy in-game countdown for when the raid begins.

That counter will hits zero at 17:00 BST (12:00 ET, 09:00 PT), on Thursday, May 16. Yes, later today if that wasn't already apparent.

Still, it's a cool little addition. Stand by for further details later today, agents.

Original Story – The Division 2 agents, get excited. One of the landmark features touted during The Division 2s big gameplay reveal at last years E3 was the inclusion of raids. All-new, scaled-up, ultra-tough missions designed specifically for eight players, no doubt taking a page from Destinys book, not to mention a myriad of MMOs.

Sadly, when the sequel launched back in March of this year, there was no raid content straight off the bat. Sustained by a steady drip-feed of information, the wait has been excruciating but now we finally have some solid facts. Read on for everything you need to know.

The Division 2 Raid Release Date and Start Time

First up, when can you expect to squad up and jump into The Division 2s first raid? According to Ubisoft, Darks Hours will officially go live on Thursday, May 15th, at 5PM BST (UK time) on all systems including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Expect there to be some potential downtime ahead of launch. Ubisoft regularly takes the servers offline for updates and maintenance so dont be surprised if the game is inaccessible in the hours leading up to the Dark Hours drop.

The Division 2 has just received a shopping list of changes and new features courtesy of Title Update 3. Almost every aspect of the game has been freshened up, from skills and weapons, to the games loot system and Dark Zone. Make sure you read the full Title Update 3 patch notes.

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The Division 2 Raid objectives and length

For those completely new to raids, theyre basically beefed up PvE missions that can take multiple hours to complete.

In order to accommodate a full squad of eight players, enemies will be much tougher than what youre used to and may even employ unique raid mechanics, forcing teams to break from their usually cover-shooting tactics.

Ubisoft Massive didnt go into extensive detail regarding how the raid is structured or any specific objectives Agents will be required to complete. Heres the official description:

“Operation Dark Hours will bring Agents to Washington National Airport, controlled by the Black Tusks who are using it to fly in even more soldiers and supplies. Capturing the airport will strike a significant blow to their operations. Players will discover that the technology available to the Black Tusk is even more advanced than what they have had to face so far.”

If youve been following The Division 2 since launch, then you may notice how similar these initial details are compared to leaked raid information unearthed by a dataminer back in March.

It mentioned three key locations, including the Ronald Reagan Airport, Arlington Memorial Bridge, and Arlington Island. These areas are neatly strung together and exist just west of DC, across the Potomac river. Its easy to picture just how this new content could annex onto the existing map for The Division 2.

The leak also gave us an insight into how the raid will go down, listing a series of tasks players will need to complete, no doubt culminating in a fierce firefight with the Black Tusk.

Agents will be instructed to “survive a blackout attack”, “stop the convoy from leaving the runway”, and “protect the named agent on your team” among other objectives though theres no chronology to how they were listed in the leak.

As for length Ubisoft has given a rough completion time though its safe to assume you wont be blitzing through Dark Hours. One leaked trophy/achievement is called “Relentless” and can only be unlocked by making it past the raids bridge section “in one hour or less”.

Again, theres no word on how long itll take to beat Dark Hours though this nugget of info suggests it could span several hours.

The Division 2 Raid Entry Requirements

Dark Hours is effectively the culmination of your current endgame efforts. Needless to say, if youre a low-rank agent still plodding through DC then youve got a long way to go.

Ubisoft hasnt confirmed any entry requirements for the raid though its likely that youll need to have reached World Tier 5. That means clearing The Division 2s toughest stronghold, the recently added Tidal Basin.

Like previous content drops, Dark Hours is completely free to play for the entire Div 2 community. You dont need to be a Year Pass holder, however those who threw some extra cash at the game, or net themselves the Gold Edition, will get bonus assignments tied to the raid.

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