The YouTube star died at the age of 29 (Picture: YouTube/Etika)

Etika fans have been left furious after the late YouTubers Twitter account has been suspended after it was hacked.

The YouTube star, who was a beloved gamer, tragically died back in June after going missing, with his Twitter account staying active afterwards.

However, when his account was recently compromised by a hacker who posted offensive and disrespectful tweets, it was suspended.

At the time of writing, Etikas Twitter account displays a message reading: Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.

His Twitter account has been suspended (Picture: Twitter/Etika)

Fans have since been rallying to have it reinstated, with many reasoning that it holds a lot of memories.

Unfortunately, likely due to the previous hacking, Etikas Twitter account has been suspended. We hope his account still be restored to its previous state. @Twitter, one saddened fan wrote.



Another added: Etika was suspended from Twitter, even though he died, due to being hacked. Thats really saddening. I hope Twitter restores his account.

@Twitter @TwitterSupport Can yall please reinstate Etikas account? one more upset fan pleaded. I mean, CMON. The man passed away and yall suspended his account for what?? People want to read DMs from him, pay respects, please, bring it back. Were begging you. #ReinstateEtika.





Fans are pleading with Twitter for the account to be reinstated (Pictures: Twitter)

Etika – real name Desmond Amofah – died back in June at age 29.

After posting a worrying video, the YouTube star went missing, before being confirmed dead.

His YouTube channel was taken down, with a petition to have it reinstated reaching more than 400,000 signatures.

Desmond Etika Amofah was a legendary YouTube streamer / entertainer, he pioneered YouTube Gaming and put the platform on the map with his insanely entertaining streams and loyal fan base, the description of the petition read.

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He was loyal to YouTube Gaming from the beginning. We the YouTube community and the Joycon Boyz, demand that his YouTube channel be reinstated so his legacy can be archived.

Years of memories are gone due to his misconduct of a few uploads, and we think someone who has done so much for the YouTube platform should be allowed to have his greatest moments archived on YouTRead More – Source


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