Hemingway the farm goose and Waffles the miniature horse are not only roommates at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They're inseparable."Their body language made it obvious that they're friends and that they better stay together," said Cindy Kelly of the Bucks County SPCA. Waffles, a 6-year-old miniature horse, and Hemingway the goose were rescued with two peacocks and a dozen ducks under warrant from a property Kelly said had "really filthy, unsanitary conditions." Waffles is recovering from an infection. This has made Hemingway extra protective of his friend, honking and flapping his wings when shelter staff come to take care of the pair. "When we go to give, have medicines or injections, Hemingway would get in between and say, 'I'm sorry that's my buddy the horse. He doesn't want a shot today,'" Linda Reider with the Bucks County SPCA told CNN affiliate WFMZ. Hemingway is sassy and his companion Waffles is described as peppery. They aRead More – Source


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