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What to know about SCAD, a leading cause of heart attacks for young women

Two women who suffered from sudden heart attacks triggered by a little-known medical condition are s..

Couple who took in suspect says he told them he was sorry after shooting

In an eerie text message to a friend just three minutes before he allegedly started his Valentine&#0..

Lawyer charged in US election investigation

A lawyer has been charged with making false statements to the investigation looking into Russian int..

Gun owners destroy rifles after Florida massacre

US gun owners have been praised for destroying their military-style assault rifles in the wake of th..

Dramatic moment teacher body slams student captured on camera (VIDEO)

A teacher has been fired from a North Carolina school for body slamming a 12-year-old student in an ..

2010 Chilean Mine Rescue Fast Facts

Timeline: August 5, 2010 – A collapse of the main ramp into the San Jose mine leaves 33 miners trapp..

Mexico Drug War Fast Facts

Facts: President Enrique Peña Nieto, who assumed the presidency on December 1, 2012, has continued t..

NFL Player Ben Watson: FL Shooting Should Make Us Examine Our Culture

Screen Shot Benjamin Watson (FNC: Feb 19, 2018) 8:19 PM 02/19/2018 Pinterest Reddit LinkedI..

CNN Analyst Suggests Social Media Firms Are ‘Treasonous’ For Publishing Russian Ads

US Here is CNN analyst Mark Hertling. (YouTube screen capture/CNN) 8:17 PM 02/19/2018 Pintere..

Report: Mueller Has Expanded Investigation Of Kushner

US Jared Kushner speaks in front of the White House. (YouTube screen capture/PBS News Hour) 7:36..

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