Xbox Live FREE Game Download: Get this Xbox One bonus today at no extra cost! (Pic: MICROSOFT)

Xbox One fans are not exactly short of free games. Between the monthly Games with Gold Titles, Xbox Free Play days and those additional freebies on the Xbox Live Store, they have a wealth to choose from week-on-week.

A couple of weeks back we told you about one brand new game released on the console that didn't cost a penny, Tower Attack Card Game Minion Masters.

There's a lack of Xbox One reviews from what we can see, but since launch, it's gathered 21,054 reviews on steam with 90% claiming it to be "Very Positive" which is a pretty decent endorsement in our eyes.

Unfortunately a month on from release the game is no longer offering Microsoft Xbox One owners to download the Accursed Army Pack for free anymore.

But the developers at BetaDwarf have got something for you this weekend that could peak your interest.

The team has just released (via the Xbox Newswire) a brand new Master (Read: playable character) as a completely free update to the game.

If you're reading this and thinking, 'hey I've never heard about this game before, I just read free and thought I'll have some of that' don't worry, you can find a handy recap about the game and it's new content just below.

Better yet, the words come straight from the horses mouth. Or rather, the developers. Either way they give a good account as to what the game is all about.

Also, don't forget, you've got three Xbox Games with Gold titles still available to download this month, details of which, can be found further down the page.


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Here's a little more on what to expect from the real-time card game:

"Engage in epic 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles, in this fast-paced strategic minion brawler that's easy to pick-up but hard to master.

"In Minion Masters there are many different Masters with unique hero abilities and you collect awesome minions ranging from: Fierce demons, cute creatures, devastating spells and much more."

"Utilize your minions to destroy the enemy Master! When a minion has been summoned they can no longer be controlled, so place them wisely to win!"


For Morellia, we had two main goals: To create a master that felt completely different from any existing Master, and one that was also steeped in flavor. Right from the start, we wanted to put emphasis on her talents as a powerful spellcaster with a roster of varied spells to choose from.

Presenting choices was difficult, as Minion Masters is a fast-paced game where you are already make a lot of decisions and where the game changes constantly throughout the course of a match. Also, having a Master with variable perks is something we had never done before.

We went through a lot of trial and error in the following weeks. We tried adding spells to her deck in response to which cards you played, or depending on which minion was in play. But it didnt quite feel like Morellia was in charge. We wanted her to feel like she was commanding the situation like the queen she is, and not just reacting to the situation.

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