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What I would like to see from a Playground Games Fable reboot - Reader’s Feature
Fable Anniversary – is the first one still the best?

A reader approves of the recent rumours about Fable IV and makes his own wishlist of features for the new game.

When I read about the recent alleged leaks of a new Fable game developed by Playground Games I really hoped that it was true. I have been saying for a while I hoped that their secret new third person action game they announced two years ago was a new Fable. I was a huge fan since the original; although for me Lionhead never really lived up to the magic of the first game with either of the two sequels, as it remains my favourite entry.

That is why I think if Playground are rebooting Fable they should go back to its roots and innovate from there. I would like to see a load of character customisation options when creating your character and then have lots of clothing, weapons and armour to find and buy throughout the game, making your character very unique compared to other players. Then show them off in drop-in/drop out co-op for up to four players throughout the whole story.

I want a huge seamless open world Albion, filled with lots of great things to do. A great story, some great side quests, and other gameplay activities to do. Hundreds of characters that live independently of the player and have day-to-day routines, jobs and lives outside of anything I am doing in the game. Fable has always been about choices, and the consequences of those choices, and how the world and people react to your actions. So I would like the characters to react accordingly to different choices and actions made by me, the player, and that of my friends that dynamically changes the world around me.

I don’t want a world map littered with icons telling me what to do though. For this I would take a leaf out of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s book, by climbing up to a high vantage point like a tower or clifftop and gazing out upon the world below then actually spotting lots of cool and interesting looking places to explore, putting pins in the map at places I want to go to next.

A day/night cycle, dynamic weather, and lots of different environmental settings in each location. Playground have proven they know how to make a gorgeous open world filled with lots of amazing vistas and varied locations in the Forza Horizon games, so I’d like to see that pushed even further with Albion being a fictional world they can really let their creative juices flow and create some truly breathtaking locales to visit. And fill them with lots of fantastic mythological creatures to fight.

There should be many different activities outside of the main story and side quests. From buying a house, getting married, having kids, going fishing, and going into the tavern to having a drink, playing some darts, and a game of Fable Fortune (the card battling game that is currently in Game Preview). Maybe they could include the card game within Fable, like The Witcher 3 has Gwent in the game and as a standalone game now too.

And bows and arrows. Just because bows and arrows should be in everything.

By reader Big Angry Dad82 (gamertag)

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