Pokemon Let's Go: Where to catch Lapras, Chansey, Dratini, Snorlax and Porygon in the wild (Pic: DS)

Pokemon Let's Go is quite different to Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow in quite a lot of ways.

You can see the main changes outlined in our Pokemon Let's Go review, but some of the smaller tweaks involve the Pokemon you'll be able to encounter in the wild.

The original games wouldn't let you encounter certain Pokemon in the overworld – special rare Pokemon like Lapras, Porygon or Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan were one-off gifts from other trainers.

Now, however, Game Freak has opted to let these Pokemon run free and you can catch them in the wild. Here's where you can get some of the more notable Pokemon.


Where to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

Chansey: Chansey is actually available in many parts of the game – versus the little patch of grass outside Fuschia City it could be caught in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. You can find the pink healer in Route 5 and 6, Routes 8 through 18, Route 21 and 23 and Mt. Moon. Inside the Pokemon Tower, the Power Plant, the Pokemon Mansion and Victory Road will also house Chansey – who appear to be slightly more powerful than their route-based counterparts.

Lapras: The water/ice tank is no longer just offered by an NPC in the Silph Co. Instead, it appears as a rare encounter on Kantos Route 19 and Route 20. Be patient, it's a very rare spawn.

Porygon: We were astonished as we were wandering around and just saw a Porygon appear on Route 7. Again, it's a very rare spawn so it's not going to come up often. Makes a change from only being able to get one from the Game Corner, eh?

Snorlax: There are two Snorlax in the game that need to be caught or encountered to open up the map. After that, Snorlax can be found in the Cerulean Cave, spawning like any other Pokemon.

Dratini: Dratini can be found as a rare spawn in the water on Route 10.

How to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go

There are a few tricks you can use to up your encounter rate of super rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go.

First up, make sure to use the newly introduced items of Lures, Supers Lures and Max Lures – these will modify the rates at which rare Pokemon appear and make it easier for you to catch elusive monsters.

You can also chain other Pokemon – say you're after a Dratini on Route 10, but all you see are Tentacool. Just keep encountering and catching Tentacool and once you hit a chain of 10+, you should start to see Rare Pokemon start to appear in the world more.

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