I think the problem for me with lack of enthusiasm for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order isnt just EAs track record but the fact that its been 5 years and we barely have any decent Star Wars games in comparison to the wealth of titles which existed prior to the Disney buyout of the franchise.

Weve experienced two generations of consoles in that time (not including the PlayStation VR) and neither has brought us more advanced artificial intellegence, more immersive interaction, or gameplay innovation.

EA couldve released so many titles spanning multiple genres, like point n click Thimbleweed Park story-based, X-Wing, motion-controlled lightsabre combat within a new Jedi training game, a smuggler simulator, a full VR starfighter game, or even a retro-themed 2D Uniracers/Super Mario World/Lost Vikings style BB-8 droid platformer. We havent even had a VR update of Pod Racer! Imagine how visceral that would be.

I mean, a completely immersive yet passive game in the PlayStation VR Ocean Descent or Panzer Dragoon vein influenced by Star Tours would be amazing, and not too difficult to produce. Id settle for a Millennium Falcon game where you can walk freely around the inside of the ship and play co-op with friends in VR, like Star Trek Bridge Crew; fighting attaRead More – Source