Mass Effect - not a world but a whole universe

Mass Effect – how would you revive it?

A reader lays out what he wants to see in a new Mass Effect from BioWare and lists what he think BioWare got wrong about Andromeda.

We havent had a Hot Topic about favourite developers in a while, but when the question comes around again Im going to be a bit stuck for what to say. Normally Id just instantly answer BioWare and not think about it for a second. But lately Ive been thinking about it a lot.

Anthem has been a disaster and its pretty obvious EA are going to pull the plug very soon and may well do the same on BioWare itself, given how Mass Effect: Andromeda went down as well. Apparently, their next game is a new Dragon Age, but we havent seen anything about it and Im a little worried it doesnt really exist outside a few vague ideas and bits of concept art. If it was anything more than that wouldnt we have seen it? Even if just as a leak?



Whatevers going on theres even less news about a new Mass Effect, which is what Im primarily interested in. This feature started off as a Hot Topic reply because my answer wouldve been Mass Effect 2, or the whole trilogy if that was within the rules. But much like with modern Star Wars its becoming increasingly hard to hold on to your love of the originals when their memory is being trampled on by the newer entries.

Im increasingly of the opinion that the answer to the Star Wars problem is they just shouldnt have made more than three films in the first place, but I dont think things are ever that clear cut with video games. Andromeda was a bad idea poorly realised, but I would certainly like to see a new game of some kind, that was able to take advantage of modern technology and gameplay innovations.

But its got to be something that actually resembles the original and wants to be like them, rather than just trying to turn itself into a generic action game with a Mass Effect logo on top. For me the most important aspects are as follows:

  1. Good story – The one in Andromeda made no sense, wasnt interesting, and didnt have anything to do with the previous games.
  2. Good characters – I didnt like any of the characters in Andromeda and that killed the game dead. Everyone was trying way to hard to be funny and irreverent, but they just came across as obnoxious goofballs.
  3. Interesting locations – the Andromeda galaxy was not an interesting place to visit, with none of the sense of history and culture of the planets in the previous games. No interesting new races, nothing.



What Andromeda did get right is the action, which I wouldnt really change at all for a new game. Its fine as it is but as long as its competent thats all thats really needed. Mass Effect needs to be a game about exploring and adventuring with your crew of likeable companions, the action is just the cherry on top. Andromeda had none of that.

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