My first experience in full motion video or computer-generated imagery (if you discount the original PS1 Resident Evil intro, which was a B-movie acted film) was probably the second Resident Evil as everything else just fades away from my mind. Every cut scene from the opening scene to the end just made the game a more atmospheric experience and pretty much hits all the bases.

Of course, I cant forget all the Metal Gear Solids I have played and to me these are some of the best cut scenes I have ever seen and the storyline is pretty much all told in them. But the gameplay is put to the side a lot which did annoy a lot of players! Possibly cut scene overkill and the balance needed to be looked at, which Metal Gear V kind of does. A lot of gameplay goes by and the cut scenes are pretty spaced apart and the game appears to have got the right balance.

But to me my ultimate cut scene starts as a mysterious tune plays out and we seem to be in outer space, until some green firefly type lights appear and we see a girl in a backstreet alley somewhere. We hear footsteps and the mystical music turns into a more grand and epic affair, as the camera speeds back from the alley scene and starts to rise and we see other citizens doing their own activities which make a city tick.

From passing transport, businesses, and franchises we zoom way back until we see the city blocks, glowing turquoise smog with the chimney of an industrial works on the edge of what looks like dividing sections. All this coalesces in the centre, to a huge headquarters type tower with some Blade Runner type influences. And we just look, mesmerised by this spectacular looking cityscape.

Thank you Final Fantasy VII for the memories and the fact that every one of the many cut scenes did the job inteRead More – Source