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Will the new game involve the Justice League, just one character, or something else entirely?

A senior game designer at WB Montreal has admitted that hes working on a major new DC Universe game, but wont say for what character.

WB Games Montréal has had a very peculiar history as a games studio. They were set up in 2010 and their first major title was the well-received Batman: Arkham Origins – the only one of the series not to be made by Rocksteady Studios.

Their next game was… nothing. Apart from a mobile game and a bit of DLC for Arkham Knight theyve done absolutely nothing all generation, with rumours that theyve had at least two major DC Comics projects cancelled in the last few years.

Warner Bros. has never confirmed or denied anything, but its believed one was a Suicide Squad game and the other a game revolving around Bruce Waynes son Damian.



Recent job postings have hinted that theyre staffing up for a new project (despite already employing 500 people) and now senior game designer Osama Dorias has confirmed its an open world DC Comics title.

He mentions the game right at the start of the above podcast, but its not clear whether he does so with Warners blessing or not.

Hes not at all ambiguous about the game, which he describes as a major open world console title set in the DC universe.

He refuses to say what characters it involves, and while the host makes the obvious guess of Batman the only real clue is that Dorias claims its one of his favourite franchises and one of the reasons he wanted to work at WB Games in the first place.

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Dorias isnt working on the game any more though and mentions he recently left because the studio is actually working on a couple of projects. Although whether the other one is DC related is unclear.

With their record the games could easily both end up being cancelled, but fans will also be keenly aware that Arkham series creators Rocksteady have also not announced a new game in over three years.

Although its assumed their new title is a DC tie-in thats never been confirmed, with the only real information being that it has a strong multiplayer focus.



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