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Days Gone - graphically it's not yesterday's news

Days Gone – days delayed

Sonys most troubled exclusive has… got into more trouble, as its delayed a further two months to add extra polish.

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Sony has had a remarkable run of quality exclusives in the last couple of years, but the weak link in the chain has always been Days Gone.

Despite its ability to throw hundreds of zombies on screen at once the post-apocalyptic open world game has always faced criticism for the unoriginality of its setting and similarity to other Sony first party games.

Then people got to play previews and it turned it out was actually worse than it looked.

Its already been delayed once but was supposed to be out on February 22. Now it wont be released until April 26.

Sony announced the delay on their blog, as part of a general update of a number of their current first party exclusives, including FromSoftwares Déraciné, Concrete Genie, and Everybodys Golf VR.



There its claimed that Days Gone has been moved because of the crowded February timeframe and will use the extra time to further polish the game.

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Sony didnt say any more than that, but its certainly true that next spring is unusually busy for major game releases.

If Days Gone had stuck to its original release date it wouldve been coming out on exactly the same day as Anthem and Metro Exodus, with Crackdown 3 also rumoured to be out at the same time.

Now though, its the only major title currently confirmed for April.

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