Victorias make-up always looks flawless (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham is known for her fascination with make-up and it turns out the love affair stretches way back to her primary school days – and its all thanks to her mum Jackie Adams.

My mum – and I dont judge her for this, shes amazing – started dabbing make-up on me when I was about eight, said the pop star turned businesswoman.

Shed say, “You look a bit peaky,” and dab on some blusher before I went to school.

Posh Spice however went on to explain that she does not let Harper do the same.

At home shes allowed because, although shes a little tomboy, she loves playing with it, she said.

Victoria Beckham and Harper Beckham
Victoria and Harper Beckham (Picture: @VictoriaBeckham/Instagram)

Spekaing to The Telegraph, she added of the makeup looks she turned with the Spice Girls back in the day: God, we used to slap it on.



The more tired we got, the more blusher we plonked on.

That thing of getting ready for a party with your girlfriends is very bonding, isnt it?

The Spice Girls
Fresh-faced Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Horner, Victoria and Emma Bunton in the 90s (Picture: Getty Images)

Victorias comments come as she launches her first independent beauty collection.

She previously collaborated on a successful line with Estee Lauder.

According to Victorias official website, Victoria Beckham Beauty is a brand rooted in cruelty-free practices, transparency, education, and inclusivity, with Victoria adding: We wanted to be as clean as we can and still active with the ingredients and formula.

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Victorias new line will have a focus on eye products, with the star telling Vogue: If you were to say to someone, “What is the signature look for Victoria Beckham?” they would say “A smoky eye.”

She added: This is not a vanity project. Ive never just gotten out the checkbook and gone crazy – what Im creating is what I cant find and what I want in my makeup bag.

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