Ladies and gentlemen, I didnt expect that my eight year break from vegetables would cause such a stir, but its turned into a fierce debate.

I sat down to eat some vegetables for the first time in eight years because I wanted to give it a shot. Next thing I knew, Jena Greene and I were going back and forth about the positive aspects of eating greens. You can catch it below. Im not sure many people will be convinced by her arguments.


Look, the crazy thing is that Ive actually continued to eat vegetables. I know most of you are probably sitting back in complete awe at my accomplishment. In the past week Ive eaten green beans, corn and carrots. I even have some asparagus sitting in the freezer right now.

Does this mean all the pro-vegetable people were right? I have no idea. Feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts, and let us know who won the debate.

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