Information and communication technology (ICT) are important tools that can improve the performance of organizations. They are used to increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and improve communication with customers, suppliers, and employees. ICTs can also help to promote business and enhance joint working in collaborative ventures.

Research studies have shown that the implementation of ICTs can impact organizational structure and the labour force trend. Studies have also examined the role of ICT in the development of the informal sector.

An examination of the factors affecting the ICT implementation process is critical to the success of business operations. A study on the impact of ICT on a corporate organization will help managers to develop appropriate services.

The study will also help workers understand ICT’s importance in their work. This will ensure a high level of satisfaction from their work. Furthermore, the use of ICTs can increase labour productivity.

Studies have shown that the introduction of ICTs has resulted in improved communication, increased productivity, and higher staff satisfaction. However, this has not been able to eradicate fraud. In order to avoid this, a bank should invest in areas such as invention and improvement of ICT.

Another study showed that small and medium-sized businesses experience positive outcomes when using ICTs. These include an increase in productivity and profitability, a reduction in costs, and an increase in market competitiveness.

Other studies have demonstrated that the implementation of ICT can reduce the cost of training IT personnel. However, it has been found that the cost of repairs to internet services is also a factor that discourages businesses from adopting ICT.